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by tvon
Thu Dec 15, 2005 6:44 pm
Forum: Help: Tactics and Playstyles
Topic: Jump Shot
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chandler583 wrote:ok...if neither of you had flags and Hepcat's settings, and you couldn't get behind them.
It's generally a bad idea. Choose your battles.
by tvon
Fri Dec 27, 2002 5:21 am
Forum: Map Editors
Topic: Gentoo users: bzedit-1.2.ebuild
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Gentoo users: bzedit-1.2.ebuild

Needs cleaning up.....but "It Works For Me" (tm)

Comments welcome.

by tvon
Fri Dec 27, 2002 5:16 am
Forum: Help: Source Code / Compiling / Development
Topic: Gentoo users: bzflag-cvs-0.ebuild
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Gentoo users: bzflag-cvs-0.ebuild

Short Instructions: Long Instructions: First, make sure you have PORTDIR_OVERLAY setup properly in make.conf. Mine looks like this: PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/usr/local/portage Next create app-games/bzflag-cvs under...
by tvon
Thu Dec 26, 2002 10:23 pm
Forum: Enhancements
Topic: Stats!! (in-game and long-term)
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Stats!! (in-game and long-term)

I'm thinking of two things here: 1 - Ability to check in-game stats (current players on current world) 2- Ability to have stats stored to a server somewhere and kept/updated. Some stats off the top of my head (Feel free to add to the list): shots fired / hits (accuracy) above / kills (avg shots per ...
by tvon
Thu Dec 26, 2002 9:09 pm
Forum: Enhancements
Topic: pausing: remove -or- make server side option -or- fix it
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pausing: remove -or- make server side option -or- fix it

When I'm king, I'll remove pausing entirely....but untill then I'd love to see it as a server-side option (then I could just harass the admins to disable it *g* ). I have a few arguments against pausing....but it all comes down to 1 main point which is.... Paused players interefere with players who ...