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Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 5:36 pm
by SGI
Im really curious....
Rebel chickorita wrote
so far we have 4 teams , representing 4 different countries .

Can you update (edit) in the first page (where are the rules) the teams and the future teams and the "tank" players name for each team.
Will be great to know who is going to partecipate.........?????

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 7:31 pm
by Rebel Chikorita
wow ski that would be extremely helpful if u made us a website . Thank U! :D :D
and Thank you Legolas for any assistance :D :D

SGI i think i will wait now until the I.S.Tournament website is up to announce all the information , including what the teams are and who is on them :)

i wouldnt want to impose on this forum by turning this post into an informal I.S. Tournament site :P

so stay tuned peepz...

(but if u really want to know u can PM me and i will send u the current player list)

Posted: Thu Oct 02, 2003 10:23 pm
by [dmp]
Big Barrel wrote:i think this needs to happen..... i wonder if dmp could do this for us?
Can I? Well I've done it before, but let ski and legolas do it. I've got plenty for bz-related website and dont like to get more work on that account. If I get the time I would rather use it improving the current league, instead of building anohter league that might eventually compete with the current one.

On a personal note (as i also stated when Chik worked on the rebel-league) I think the community should work together and improve what we have. Or at least discuss what could be done, to get the features people would like. But I see this wont happen, and i guess having some activity is better than none. So good luck with it.

BB and Chik, please agree on one set of rules. Chik says that a group of contries isnt allowed and BB asked me if i wanted to join Team USA. Now I arent sure what is and isnt allowed. Other teams would properly also know this too, before people joins a not-their-own-country-team.

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 12:52 am
by Rebel Chikorita
hi dmpee :)

well my personal preference is for the I.S.Tournament to be between countries only . but since many people have expressed the idea of having continental/block teams included i decided to make a poll and see what the popular concensus was on this issue . as you may know i am all for a tournament thats fair and open to all people . so far the poll favors the inclusion of continental teams , along with national teams .

so this will probably be the policy then :)


Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 2:20 am
by ski
Ill start working on it tomorrow !!

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 9:55 am
by Rebel Chikorita
ski wrote:Ill start working on it tomorrow !!
yay sskkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


ski u are The MaN!! LoL

let me know if u would be interested in being an I.S.T. aDmiN MaN too ;)

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 1:58 pm
by ski
Ok, well i started with the website and ive designed how im going to format it. For now im running it off of Angelfire webshell. I was going to use the webspace give by my provider (that way we wont have the dang ads) but then I wouldnt have the freedom of using HTML. Id like to set up my own site though, so I may go in that direction but for now ill do it this way so we can get started!!
Any suggestions for the site, let me know.


Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 2:48 pm
by daBomb (no more)
It will be nice if we can see the webby site you are workin' on. Then u can get some clues / ideas how to improve it.


You have nice hockey team out there in Pittsburgh Ski :)

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 3:32 pm
by ski
Heh, thx...

Well, this morning i worked on the design of the page and i just started to work on the code so theres not a lot on it because im working on it on my breaks (im at work right now). Ill be putting some real time tonight and this weekend. Once I get some more of it put together Ill post the link. But heres what ive thought of so far:

A home page
A results page
A rules page
A listing of players on each team


Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 5:21 pm
by ski
Oh I should also mention im going to try to also include a scheduling option on the site to help with matches. Something stating when people (teams) are available since i think this may be an issue. If it works here maybe we can implement it on the regular CTF league...I have some ideas, i just have to work it..heh

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 7:45 pm
by Legolas
Ya,maybe a calender for mathes and refing jobs.

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2003 8:36 pm
by ski
exactly :)

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 5:26 am
by ski
im hoping to have the site up early this week minus the scheduler...that will take a bit longer...

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2003 11:41 am
by Rebel Chikorita

The International Series Tournament rules and scores have been updated . To view them please visit the first post in this forum topic .

The International Series Tournament (I.S.T.) now has two administrators , Rebel Chikorita and ski .

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 3:49 pm
by Burned Account -CNG-
since me and tc are the first on team canada can we decide on the leader.
ps quol has joined

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 5:33 pm
by Rebel Chikorita
im glad to hear Quol has joined :)

yes you may decide between you and TC who the captain(s) are . You can have more than one team captain , or none at all . it is up to you and your team to make your own team policy .

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 9:45 pm
by Legolas
Great job on the site ski. :) Just looked at it.

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 9:58 pm
by widowmaker
What is the URL?

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 1:52 am
by ski
ok, first please bear with me since for now it is on an angelfire site (so there ads) but im working on moving it to a server very soon. Also, im really really really really sick right now...yes still with a 103F bear with the kinda skelatal site. For now however it will at least provide scores, whos playing and the rules. I will continue to work on it for your viewing pleasure...heh (i know it was a bad joke but im Anywho, heres the site:

ski 8)

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 1:56 am
by ski
DOH! oh, btw, My apaologies to the Italian players. I seem to be having trouble with your flag so please bear with me :)

Also, as I mentioned earlier the scheduler isnt available yet..

Thanks again

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 10:11 am
by zongo
Gosh Ski!

I had a heart attack when i saw italian flag didnt appear! :) I hope u will soon recover it! <B^)

Thanks a lot for the site, its beautiful ;)

We luv u all Ski!!! B>


Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 12:52 pm
by Rebel Chikorita
here are some lil flags i found at this neat site ...




United States of America

the Macau flag is kinda pretty... an i have a fav sweater that looks kinda like the Botswana flag :)

p.s.- ski i hope u feel better soon...103F wow ...103F+ is like emergency room time ... :P

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:02 pm
by Death Barrel
hehe, i like how the US Flag is the biggest :)
ahn who, i don't know if this has been setteled yet>>about who can join what team>>> in my opinion i think it is exceptable for a person in a country to join a country he does not belong to. If you think about it, americans can join the UK Army, vis versa, americans can join the French Foriegn Leigon....etc. so this is why i think it is ok for this to happen. If you don't think the side you are fighting for is right then by all means i think you should be able to make the switch :) or even if this has nothing to do with it like you have no teammates to form a country team. I think at this point we have not heard any thing from Germany so i propose a Team Europe :) (((just a thought))))

Big Barrel

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:16 pm
by SGI
BB wrote
hehe, i like how the US Flag is the biggest

Yes it is but is in the last position :)

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2003 6:44 am
by zongo
It's a cheat!!! On the site flags have same size!!! B>

Well, its maybe time to have some fight isnt it? And only four teams...that's not enough...i'll try to motivate swiss people around me (so maybe Italy will win some match ;) ) and frenchies!

Zongo & the Italians Pizzas