Should continental teams be allowed in the I.S. Tournament?

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Should the I.S. Tournament allow continental teams?

yes , both national and continental teams
yes , but continental teams only
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no , national teams only
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Should continental teams be allowed in the I.S. Tournament?

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Regarding team formations , a possible compromise is to allow the grouping of countries to create "blocks" or regional teams , while still having individual countries .

for example , the possible addition of a North American team and a European team .

larger AND smaller national teams may still prefer to keep their national identity by remaining independant and individual , such as Team USA , Team Poland , ect.

this ammendment will allow players from smaller countries who may be unable to find a sufficient number of native teammates to form a national team , to still be able to join and participate in the I.S. tournament under a continental team.

players in the I.S. Tournament may either belong to a national team or a continental team , but not both .

once a player has joined a specific team and played in an official I.S. Tournament match , that player cannot switch to another team thereafter . either from national to continental , continental to national , or from one team to another team of the same/different country . this is to discourage players from possibly switching from a team that is not in the Finals to one that will be or is in the Finals ...
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I voted for first option. The reason is obvious and well discussed here on the forum.

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Post by widowmaker »

Continental teams should definately as well as national teams. It allows everyone to be a part of the tournament.
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