(Open League) To map Makers

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(Open League) To map Makers

Post by Carnage » Thu May 28, 2009 6:51 am

i wrote this pretty late so i hope you dont mind the spelling.

this is for anyone but is more directed to all map makers. You guys make bzflag worth playing, so i hope i get some replies.

What is Openleague?
Openleague is a league for competitive players where teams Vs each other (more info: openleague.net) As well unlike other leagues, openleague will be incorporating Weekly Random Maps

What is Weekly random Maps?
Simply put, we will host a sent in map for 1 week (on euro and American servers) where players can have official matches against each other.

Only weekly random maps?
No, in addition to having weekly random maps we also have a permanent map server, where players can also match against each other. Currently hosting Babel.

How to Send maps
-any player can send maps to me via PM on my.bzflag.org/bb
this does not mean you map will be added to openleague.net Weekly random Maps, must go through this process.

Choosing map
-I have assembled a bunch of players/map makers to help me make decisions about what maps we will choose to add in Openleague.net Weekly random Maps
-We will judge a map for playability, complexity among other things
-From here, we will vote on which maps to add.
- we will critique maps that we find non-suitable for Openleague.net to help the map makers make adjustments that would help benefit them.

When will maps be added?

We will try to get a second Weekly Random Map server sometime after Openleague.net Tournament. (hopefully July 1st)

How many will be added?
For the moment we have 2 maps that we will be added, would like to have 5 or 6 lined up, so get your maps in!

To help get your maps added, please feel free to host them and have players give constructive/negative feedback that will help you make adjustments, if any.

Why is it random?
It best to have random maps therefore players won’t complain or see me/judges as playing favourites.
-No one but server owners and myself will know what maps will be hosted in what order.
-we will publicly announce what map is currently being hosted.

Just a side note: Don’t make things to complex, ie. a lot of jumps. Try not to have many Level for players to travel (ie how many jumps it takes players to get to highest point/platform in your map should be 3/4 ) maps should be Kind of symmetrical.

Server Options, regardless of map : 3 shots, rico, 2 team ctf, NO superflags.
Jumping on the other hand will be dependent on map.

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Re: (Open League) To map Makers

Post by kierra » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:49 pm

I like the idea of rotating maps....makes for nice variety. I would hope that AHOD (all hands on deck) is one of the rotating ones :)
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Re: (Open League) To map Makers

Post by Pizzahead » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:55 pm

I think it is, k :)
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Re: (Open League) To map Makers

Post by Monster » Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:12 pm


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