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[Read this] Ban penalties

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Ban penalties

The GU League Admin Team has prepared general guidelines of ban penalties. These are guidelines only, and actual penalties may be longer or shorter, depending on individual circumstances. In all situations, it is up to the Admins whether to ignore conduct, warn, or impose a ban penalty.
  • Match disturbance, player harassment, profanity, cheat accusations in public (1 day -7 days)
  • Using cheats on public servers or in other leagues (6-9 months)
  • Using cheats in the GU league (1 year to life)
If you suspect someone of cheating, or if you or your team is having a problem with someone's behavior, please report it to any of the GU Admins.
We do not want this to become a police state. But, we do want behavior to be consistent with having fun on the servers without disturbances, harassment, or cheating.
Please use common sense with all these issues. If you do not understand what we mean with common sense, the GU League may be the wrong place for you.

Keep in mind...

We also like to remind you that the GU league is a platform provided by different server owners for public and league playing. It is not intended as a platform for players to hang around just waiting for opportunities to provoke, insult or annoy players.

If we encounter clear intention of provoking, insulting or attempts to annoy other players, GU League Admins are entitled to kick or ban on sight to prevent escalation. What is a clear intention is decided by the Admins present.
The kick or ban may be extended by the GU League Admins to a GU League wide ban if necessary.
It is encouraged, that if you want to discuss these issues, to use the GU League Discussion section on the main BZFlag Forum for this.
There is no use of discussing this with individual Admins. If you cannot discuss this openly on a public forum, there is no need to discuss it at all.

Server owners pay for your possibility to use their servers. That means you don't have the right to play there, you are given permission to play there until you misuse these servers for anything other than to play games, watch games, organizing games or have friendly discussions. For clarification: a server owner even has the right to not allow a player to use his server without any reason at all. It is not a public place. The space is owned by the server owner. All rights regarding usage of the server is in the hands of the server owner.

The GU League Admins are given permission by the server owners of the participating servers of the GU league infrastructure to enforce those rules on these servers.

Keep in mind, the GU League is not a public service. GU League Admins, GU Server Owners and BZFlag developers are not payed for their work. Everything that is done for you to provide the possibility to play and participate in the GU League is done out of love for the game. They gladly accept comments, suggestions and even criticism. But in no way do they have any obligations towards you.


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