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[Read this] Matches

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Starting Matches
  • Before starting a match, play a few minutes for warm up.
    This allows you to check your lag and jitter and to check the lag and jitter of the other players.
    If you dont like someone's connection this is good time you tell him.
    As a rule of thumb, more than 250 ms lag, a jitter above 15ms or packet loss qualifies as a bad connection.
  • All participants of the match have to agree to play an official match.
  • Before starting the countdown
    - make sure that everybody is ready!
    - make sure that everybody has rejoined the server, is on the appropriate team color, and that nobody spawns before the game has started.
  • To start the match, enter the command /countdown in your console (that's the place where you type "lol" a lot).
  • Per default, this will start a 10 second countdown. After the countdown has finished, and the message "Game has started" appeared on your screen, is when you are allowed to spawn (press 'i').
Pausing Matches

During the match someone may get disconnected ([nr]), have a lag/jitter spike or something else may occur that requires for the game to be paused.
To pause a game, enter the command /countdown pause in your console. The game is resumed by typing /countdown resume.
Before you resume a match, make sure that
  • the problem was resolved
  • everybody is ready!
  • all players have returned to the position where they were when the game was paused.
/countdown resume will initiate another countdown of 5 seconds before the game is resumed. Make sure that neither you or any other player starts moving or turning before the 5 second countdown has finished!

Please do not abuse the pause command. The pause command is to be used in exceptions only. A game that is paused to often looses its flow.

Player substitution

It is also allowed to change the team lineup during a game either by substitution or by changing the number of players (e.g. by changing a 2vs2 into a 3vs3). Adding or substituting players requires consensus with all participating players.
The player that enters an ongoing match is required to selfkill immediately on the first spawn. The only exceptions are:
  • the player joins the match immediately after a cap
  • when a player substitutes another player.
    In that case the player is allowed to take in the position of the player he is substituting.
Match reporting

After the match has ended, the match needs to be reported. Either report a match to a present referee or admin. If a referee or an admin is not present, report the match through BZMail on the GU League site:
  • Decide with the other team who will report the match. Usually, someone from the winning team reports. Only one person should report to avoid duplicate match entries.
  • Include the teams, the score, and which team won.
  • Include the date and GMT time of when the match ended.
    The current GMT time is displayed at the top left corner of the GU League site.
  • To find a referee or admin to report to, go to the GU League website at http://gu.bzleague.com/index.php?link=contact. Make sure you report the match to a referee or admin you know is recently active. That is usually a referee or admin that you have either seen online the same or previous day.

And remember, don't take matches to seriously. It is a game.
Have fun, win if you can, but if you don't, don't get mad.


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