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[Read this] Whitelist

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Please keep in mind that this list is a work in progress and will be continuously updated. Note also, that this topic is locked. if you would like to comment on the list, or have suggestions, please create your own topic or use existing topics that concern the whitelist.

This list contains a list of settings, modifications, changes or usage of external tools which are permitted to use in GU league matches and on the GU style servers. This means that any other item might be considered a cheat and we will ban for it if it is used on GU League related public or match servers. If you are using a tweak not on that list and you would like to use it, submit that tweak with a full description to the GU League Admin staff. We will review it and add it to the list if we have no objections to its usage. Any submitted item that we reject, will be put on that list under rejected items.

Config File

Any setting possible to set through the options menu in the standard BZFlag client is allowed to be changed through the options menu.
The following options and settings are allowed to be changed by editing the config file:
  • Adding, deleting and modifying key mappings.
  • Editing the bzflag config file to modify the color of tanks.
  • Editing the bzflag config file to modify the shots on radar.
  • Editing the bzflag config file to assign more than three radar zooms and provide different zoom levels.
  • Modification of radar size (maximum radar size is 30)
  • Modification of mouse box size
  • Modifying fpsLimit to values not lower than 30 (30 is default). Limiting the FPS through other means (GFX settings) to values below 30 FPS is also not allowed.
    If your hardware is only capable of delivering less than 30 FPS it is ok, but in that case we suggest to decrease graphical details to gain the maximum FPS possible.
Graphics & sounds
  • Deletion or modification of cloud, mountains and explosion textures.
  • Modification of the teleporter fog color via source code as long as the transparency is not affected.
  • Modification of textures provided that the alpha channel of the texture isn't modified. Exception are textures for bullets, laser and thief, where modification of the alpha channel is explicitly allowed.
  • Deletion or modification of any sound.
Input Device
  • There are no restrictions on mouse speed, mouse acceleration, and USB polling rates (Gaming mice are allowed)
  • Any input device recognized by BZFlag, specially any mice, trackball, joystick and keyboard.
    Any input device that needs change of the client code to be recognized, or the requires the usage of self developed drivers or tools, have to be reviewed and explicitly allowed by the GU League Admin staff.
  • Any input device driver that came with the input device and using all the features it provides. The following additional drivers are allowed:
    - MacOSX: mousezoom, USB-Overdrive, imousefix and mousefix
    - MS Windows: Logitech Setpoint
    - Additional drivers and tools only after they have been reviewed and approved explicitly by the GU Admin staff.
Voice Communication

It is explicitly allowed to use voice communication for playing.
However, the application used must be designed to run well with online gaming, in that they have no or a minimum affect on connection quality.
The following tools are approved for league playing: if you know of any other tool that you think should be on the list, contact us.


Only client patches are allowed that are explicitly allowed by the GU admin staff. Generally we allow no modification to the BZFlag code. In rare instances however we will make exceptions. If you have a client patch that you need (for example to compensate for OS or Graphics Card related bugs), you are allowed to use it only if that patch has been reviewed by the GU League Admin Staff and explicitly approved by the GU League Admins. That patch will also be made public for others that experience the same or similar problems.
  • Patch to suppress client query notifications in text window (link to follow)
    This does not mean that the client may suppress responds to a client query, or return a spoofed version string)
  • Patch for autospawning (link to follow)
    This does not include modification of spawn code itself or additional features for selecting spawn positions)
  • Patch that draws textures twice in one frame (link to follow)
  • Patch that allows for setting size of text console independent of radar size(link)
Items that got rejected and don't have to be resubmitted:
  • Modification of the client code or usage of external tools that allow triggering of two or more different tank actions with a single keypress or movement.

  • Always try to have an up-to-date client
  • Ensure the best connection possible
    - this means for example to use cable instead of WLAN if possible
  • In any doubt or questions, ask a GU league admin.

It is definitively considered cheating:
  • Any modification not included above. Send any mod for approval before using something that might be considered cheating.
  • The use of the F5 key (the "take a pic" feature) to get some jitter spike in key moments or abusing of it. Keep the number of pics low in a match. Preferably dont take any at all, matches are recorded, you can watch and make your screenies after.
  • The use of any means to increase lag or jitter, have packet loss or anything else that prevent the client from processing game information (packets) at all or in a timely manner.
    This includes
    - powering off/on your cable modem
    - downloading / uploading
    - using any P2P program
    - using any application (other than bzflag) that cause a high traffic volume for long periods of time or for short instances, or any application that significantly affects connection quality.
In any doubt or questions, ask a GU league admin. We are here to help.

Suggestions for patch submissions
When submitting a patch, include the following items:

1. a description of what it does (or what you think it does)
2. who the author is (if known).
3. For which version the patch was intended.

Any patches used in a client for GU league matches that are not listed here may be considered a cheat.
To create a patch, use the following command

diff -u -r -x CVS patched-folder original-bz-folder > patch.diff

When submitting a patch, you accept that the patch may be reviewed by an official BZFlag developer. If a developer finds it fit to be included in the main BZFLAG SVN on sourceforge, the developer submitting the patch reserves the right to alter the code to make it compatible with their coding guidelines.

Do not copy paste the patch simply into the post. If you must include code, use

Code: Select all

[code ][ /code]
tags. However, code fragments posted here can be removed by either a bzbb Admin or a GU League Admin if the code violates rules of the bzbb board.

Better is to submit the patch to the official BZFlag developer center at sourceforge. You will find a section there where you can submit patches.
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