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Summer 2009 Riker Cup coming soon!

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:48 pm
by quantum dot
All the news about the incoming Riker Cup in

Re: Summer 2009 Riker Cup coming soon!

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:23 pm
by dexter
I'd just like to congratulate the American Team to their first Riker Cup victory! :) All three matches were very well played and really fun. I'm looking forward to the next one next January already.
Also a big thanks to Quol and brad, who really saved the cup by figuring out a way to adjust their servers perfectly when we all thought we'd be waiting around all day until everyone was identified.
Thanks to Doink, slime, ducatiwannabe and Foo! It was really pleasant arranging and organizing the cup with you guys.

Although I do think we should find a real solution to the evident global problem. I think we wasted about 30-45 minutes just waiting until all 20 players were set and ready to go because of it.

I hope that enough people got to play on the Euro side. I tried to get as many subs in as possible.. I know we couldn't fit all of you in there, but I guess somebody will always be unhappy. I noticed that deciding who plays is a lot harder than one thinks.

I'd say this was the best Riker's so far. Long live GU!

[Edit]: Be sure to check sometime soon. I'll be uploading links to the replays (of all rikers) and all sorts of info to players (highscores, highcaps, hightks..etc. :))

Re: Summer 2009 Riker Cup coming soon!

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:28 pm
by quantum dot
Congrats to the American team for their first cup !

I missed the games (will watch probably the replays) because it collided with my family time. Good job everyone involved in the day to day preparations and organization.

Re: Summer 2009 Riker Cup coming soon!

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:24 am
by Mucho Maas
Hey all. I also wanted to thank everybody for the great event we had.
It is events like these that show that we are all on the same side: having a great time playing a wonderful game. If you compare bzflag with many of the other online games out there, I cant keep wondering how respectful everyone is towards each other. And this summers RikerCup has proofed this once again.

Like last RikerCup, it was again a very exciting and full of suspense. It was a close finish once again. And again it took 3 matches to declare a winner. Partly it had to do with the north amercian team for the first time to have something like a strategy...did you gave us a surprise, sheesh. Slime and ducatiwannabe did a great job in assembling the strongest team ever to have played for the north american side. And we did a great job in giving you a very hard time regardless.

Some observers were a bit on the spamming side after the matches, but I guess the excitement has gotten to us all ^^. I really want to thank the observers for providing the perfect frame for an event like this. You being there is what classifies this as a GU event, GU is what you made it to be, and that's where the RikerCup lives.

And to the man man, good sportsmanship, great playing, beautiful caps, and tedious defenses. And not a single bad word or remark, class!

And this cup went smooth as ever, that is the Doink trademark. Thanks Doink!
And last but not least. I really want to thank dexter, it was really a great joy to organize the cup with you. The energy, good will and game insights, thanks mate. You made me happy to co-organize the euro-team.