enuffsaid.co.nz offi server moved to new hardware

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enuffsaid.co.nz offi server moved to new hardware

Post by Grans Remedy » Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:10 am

Howdy all,
I've had a bit of trouble with lag & jit spikes on my server, so I've moved to a new hosting provider.

New url is bzflag.enuffsaid.co.nz, port is 5158. Set up identically to previous (and other) offi GU servers of course.

The replay server isnt showing in the list, but its there, on port 5159. No matches there yet tho.

I'm leaving the old server up for now, just running a babel map.

For the curious, old hosting company is http://www.openhost.co.nz/ while new is https://www.hostingdirect.co.nz/. These guys make some interesting claims about network performance, so we shall see.

Thanks to lr and Orb for running some pings for me from outside New Zealand, to verify it wasn't just a bzfs issue.

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