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Re: GU league tournament suggestion

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:19 am
by NTH
December (or the run up to the 25th) is not always the best time, having only a couple of weeks to arrange and promote this type of thing isn't going to be easy.

You need to work out :-

How many players are needed ?
How are the matches going to be recorded (Web site ? on paper ? ) ?
What is the best time ? (Evening for some is past midnight for others)

Ask everyone a date and you will get a different answer, the only way to do this is set a date further in the future and see what response you get. Has anyone thought about the January 5th ? this might be a better date.
First we need the GU League admins to approve of this
You might need our help but it's your idea and I can see nothing that needs approval as players would already have access to the match servers.