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Server use etiquette

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Seem like with recent events, that you guys need a lesson in etiquette!

Yes, match servers are for league players' use to fm or official.
Players in a fm or offi have the right to say no to "2 in". Sometimes they want to play as 2vs2, or 3v3, etc. While it doesn't feel good to be left out in obs, that is the choice of the players in that particular match.
Some fms are organized for a specific purpose. ie: in the not too distant past, ahs3, Bullet Catcher, Frank the Tank and myself wanted a foursome fm betw us "oldies". Consequently, we said no to "2 in?".
Sometimes its same team vs mates fm, to build team unity, team skills, strategy, etc.....whatever the reason.

I do think if you're just FFA'ing with mates for the purpose of skill building, then you should explain that clearly in decent language. Rudeness doesn't lead to compliance to your wishes, nor does name calling. FFA is just that FREE FOR ALL, ie anyone is free to join in.
By the same token, when asked nicely to go obs, because it's been made clear that special practice is occurring, it wouldn't hurt to go obs for a while.
Mutually respectful behavior goes a long way.

IF you want a private practice time, then set a timer....then when asked if "2 in?", you're within your right to say "No". Players in obs should respect that.

If that doesn't meet your need, host a team server or ask one of the hosters for one. You get more bees with honey, so polish up on your manners when asking.

Seems that many need reminding that public chat from obs is distracting to the players and may be construed as match disturbance by any admin present. In the past, players have been removed from the server for match disturbance.
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