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GU League Video Gallery

Post by Snake12534 » Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:14 pm

YouTube: oBseSsIoNPC; alias: TheRisingSun ... j6jKIGJ_4i

^ - Riker Cup, Ducati FFA, GU FM's

Youtube: BattleZone Broadcast; alias: Razer + MLG

^ - Interesting video of a professional-like review of a week's game of ducati, GU, and an interview with a player.

Twitch: BattleZone Broadcast; alias: Razer+ MLG

^ - Twitch, live streaming website - 2 videos they made so far

YouTube: Jeffrey Myers; alias: JeffM

^ - A video showing you the 'new' BZFlag (IN BETA)

YouTube: CarnageBZ; alias: Carnage (Banned)

^ - Tutorials On GU League (Very Useful For Newer Players)

Youtube: Unknown Channel; alias: red-der


^ - Very well made tutorials for GU League by red-der ; deleted

YouTube: Snake12534; alias: Snake12534, Snakish12534

Khonkhortisan vs D3ad Turtle 1vs1

Tw1sted vs Snake12534 1vs1

Random BZ Video

Comment: I plan on making more BZFlag videos once I can obtain a recording and editing software.

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