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Unreported official 1vs1 match results

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 9:45 am
by strayer
Please use this place to report official matches you are missing.

Usually all matches are reported immediately by the 1vs1 plug-in which is installed on all official match servers. Report are send to the 1vs1 web server then. In case of a temporary downtime of the 1vs1 web server there's a fallback solution which sends all match reports daily to special e-mail accounts on different servers. These accounts are checked automatically to complement official match reports. (But it may take up to one day until e-mail match reports are recognized.)
However, nothing is perfect.

Since official 1vs1 League matches rely on the availability of the global BZFlag list server for global player authentication, it can happen that the automated match reporting isn't working. In this case players have to report the match or via PM.