New ZELO rating formula replaces old one

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New ZELO rating formula replaces old one

Post by strayer » Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:03 am

1vs1 League wrote:2012-03-18 - New ZELO rating replaces old one.
You might have noticed the old ZELO rating system had a few disadvantages. One was that a match winner could lose ZELO score points if the opponent had less than 1000 ZELO points before the match. Another was the unbalanced amount of ZELO points for a match winner in contrast to the points the match loser would lose.
It has been decided to use an ELO-based rating which has the same weighting factor as used for the GU and Ducati leagues. In difference to the original formula the new ZELO rating formula takes into account the match scores. Please check the new ZELO information page for further details and the external New ZELO Rating Calculator.
I know a few of you are probably not happy about the "new" rating formula. "New", because it has been implemented into the 1vs1 site two years ago, already. Many players gave their comments about it and I know it's still far away from being perfect. At least, I hope it fixes more bugs of the old ZELO formula than it brings up. :)

If you have any comments or questions, please read the linked pages. In case that isn't enough information for you, feel free to post your questions here!
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