League Committee Expectations

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League Committee Expectations

Post by allejo » Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:55 am

Welcome Committee Members

In order to move forward with a new league in a timely manner and remaining civil, here are a few expectations that will be required that you follow.

Current Committee Members
  • ahs3
  • alcatraz
  • alezakos
  • allejo
  • araquiel
  • bomber
  • brad
  • BulletCatcher
  • catay
  • Constitution
  • crazystringgirl
  • damns3xy
  • figurines
  • Frank the Tank
  • gorgomol
  • hrj
  • jadespacy
  • kajo
  • kierra
  • leviathan
  • miro
  • Mlg
  • Monster
  • moto unit
  • muhkuh
  • neofit
  • NTH
  • orbit
  • osta
  • quantum dot
  • rex
  • slamm
  • slyther366
  • sn0w_m0nkey
  • T-roy
  • tox
  • Yvaika
  • Deadlines - Unless otherwise stated, all deadlines will be final when they are declared. Anyone can declare a deadline if one has not already been set but be respectful, all deadlines must have a minimum of a 10 days in order to give other committee members enough time to respond and discuss. If a committee member has not responded by the deadline, their opinion will go ignored since it is evident they are not active enough to contribute to discussions.
  • Responses - All committee remembers are required to respond with their opinions to all discussions. If committee members agree with something that was already been said, press the "Quote" button for that response and state that you are in agreement with that idea; by doing this other committee will be able to get a clear picture of where people stand with a decision and we will be able to tally up the amount players in agreement or disagreement. If committee members are not actively replying to discussions, they will removed from the committee.
    • Discussions are meant for several committee members to discuss a topic. Do not start a "<your callsign here> variety hour" by responding to everyone's post and arguing your point as this achieves nothing. Once you have lobbied your opinion, refrain from arguing for your point again. You should only clarify on your argument if another member asks for clarification.
    • All decisions will be finalized through majority rule
      • Even though there 30+ committee members, if only 5 members respond, then 3 will be defined as the majority and that will be decision that's carried forward. This is why responses, even if in agreement, are important.
  • Organization - Keep all of the posts organized by keeping things on topic. For example, do not ask about possible league names on a thread that is discussing whether bans should be carried over or not. These posts may be moved to the appropriate thread or they will simply be removed.

League Administration

The administration for the new league will be decided based on the contributions, BZFlag activity, and the amount of activity a committee member has shown in this league merger project. This means that even if you are part of the GU League Council or are an admin for GU or Duc, it does not guarantee you will remain a part of the administration for the new league. It wouldn't be fair for someone who hasn't contributed to discussions at all to automatically be put on the administration.

The new league council will be restricted to a small number of people (to be determined) in order to make future decisions quickly and efficiently without having to wait for the other 10 inactive council members to respond. Positions on the new league council will be based on nominations in addition to what was stated in the previous paragraph.

** This post may be updated with new expectations or clarifications. I will post a response whenever there are updates to this thread so you will be able to see the updates.
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Re: League Committee Expectations

Post by Moto Unit » Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:12 pm

All great expectations and directions for moving ahead. Agree and noted:) Thanks to everyone working so hard to move the League forward!

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Re: League Committee Expectations

Post by figurines » Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:10 pm

Sounds great to me..I hope we can move forward in a timely and sane manner!

Just a quick shout out to the people doing much more than I am, we're all very appreciative of your hard work


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Moto Unit
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Private First Class
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Re: League Committee Expectations

Post by Moto Unit » Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:18 pm

figurines wrote:Sounds great to me..I hope we can move forward in a timely and sane manner!

Just a quick shout out to the people doing much more than I am, we're all very appreciative of your hard work

Speaking of moving forward in a sane manner: I would like to take an opportunity to address some things I have seen and heard in regards to the consolidation process.
This is my opinion and my opinion alone. I am asking no one to endorseit just consider the point I am trying to make.

I have been a part of BZFlag since 2002 becoming registered and playing as Moto Unit since 2005, joining GU League in I believe 2007, as one of the elders, both chronologically and figuratively,
I wanted to talk about the way we communicate (or don’t communicate) with each other while league consolidation moves forward.
When I first joined BZFlag I was struck by its friendliness, its reputation as a warm and inviting community of on-line gamers who were interested in embracing and
drawing strength from its many members and their differing points of view in order to promote and improve the game. After all we were, and we remain, a global gaming community.
It appears to me however, that the more we get into the consolidation process, the more it seems that a few people are becoming all too comfortable with being sarcastic,
angry, or just plain mean in their online dealings with one another. While it may not appear obvious in the realm of this private forum, out there within our gaming community,
it seems to be rising to new levels of “low”. I don’t want to, nor is there any purpose served, by disclosing who did what or who said what to whom.
Bottom line is BZFlag needs people who can lend rational, civil and objective voices to our league in order to help it grow and prosper not those who lack civility and respect for those
folks who are attempting to make our corner of the gaming world a better place to play.
As a whole, we should be embracing, and drawing strength from, different viewpoints. Ours is a democratic forum that should welcome, not shun, dialogue based on facts and objective
analysis of the issues. The negative tone of the discourse out there is bad for our community, and distracts everyone from the real issues that affect our league as well as the quality of
everyone’s online gaming experience here on BZFlag,in whatever form the league eventually takes.
I am committed to revitalizing that sense of community that first attracted me here and I hope all the members of our gaming community are as well. Perhaps I am being naive, but I
believe that with courtesy and respect, we can all get along with each other. To accomplish this we must focus on building relationships with one another, listening to each other’s concerns,
improving communication; and promoting collaboration to ensure we find rational and effective solutions to important issues affecting our league. Players with different skill sets and differing
points of view can sit across from each other and develop successful outcomes if we only can stay focused on the goals we set and don’t consume ourselves with a singular point of view or
become self-absorbed in objectives or goals that benefit only ourselves.
My promise to everyone is to work with admins and appointed committee members to ensure the decisions I make affecting our league are based on sound planning and prudent, objective and
fact-driven analysis of the issues. We need clearheaded, thoughtful and respectful dialogue. It is important for everyone to know that as we move forward a clearly articulated framework for
how we proceed has already been put in place by a highly talented, selfless group of folks tirelessly working to improve our gaming community. But there is still much work to be done. It is my
sincere wish that everyone try to adhere to the following in our dealings with one another:
• We will value one another as unique and special individuals.
• We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes nor use sarcasm or put downs.
• We will be polite to one another.
• We will cheer each other’s successes while learning from the failures.
• We will help one another whenever possible.
• We will recognize every effort and applaud it.
• We will encourage each other to do our best.
• We will sprinkle a little kindness each day where ever we are…it costs nothing and says so much about the person you are:)
• Thanks for listening.

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Re: League Committee Expectations

Post by sn0w_m0nkey » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:41 pm

many thanks allejo and moto.

i really like what allejo offers here, bottom line is that we must participate to keep the game alive, and move forward together.

moto, your post has me thinking about the new leagues values or vision statement. you've shared what in my view, is the essence of the bzflag tanker community and lists the reason this silly little tank game has survived for so long - this is why i do not play other games btw, because they all mimic what bzflag has always offered gamers.

+1 w/ Fig, many thanks and lets roll!

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