Map for Testing (Vicino)!

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Map for Testing (Vicino)!

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Hi all,

I put together a somewhat smaller-sized map that has the /timelimit and /countdown options for FMs. In summary, it is a 2-shot, no jumping, ricochet map. The smaller size attempts to quicken the gameplay, in addition to the 4v4 max format. The map has two teles, one in each corner, to allow for flag running when trapped. Each tele brings you to the other corner of the map. The middle section was modified, adding more holes in the middle to run the flag through. The map is symmetrical and somewhat simplistic, with a good amount of pyramids to limit the chaotic ricos. Attached below is a screenshot of the map.

It would be nice to get it added to the LU rotation for variation, and if not, could simply be a map to FM at when players want to mix it up. Either way, the map is being hosted at (thank you allejo)! I'm hoping we can get a few FMs in someday to see how the map plays.

(1.59 MiB) Not downloaded yet
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