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Activity Elo

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:49 pm
by click click boom
Hello All,

Recently we have over hauled the match making allowing personal elos and random vs teams to match each other. I don't know the numbers but I do feel like this has helped a lot. This weekend their is a tournament called "Matchathon" I like the idea of rewarding the most active team and crowning them the winner but all they earn is "bragging rights". It essentially is no different from any weekend. I suggested the team that wins the "Matchathon" to earn team elo and we could also reward 2nd and 3rd place team elo as well.

What does this accomplish you ask? It would allowed lesser skilled teams to match vs more skilled teams in hopes of finishing in the top 3 to earn team elo. Right now I think my team (Moloy) is in 2nd place which I don't really care about. I would love to see a less skilled team to win this tournament and have them gain a bunch of team elos. Kierra didn't agree with me and felt that it was a "cheap" way to reward someone. I don't feel it is, it promotes match diversity and more matches to take place. You would be rewarding the most active team which does take time and effort. Right now we have team activity ratings on the website. It doesn't accomplish nothing besides the fact that we know who the active teams are and what teams don't match.

I am not even asking to change this tournament as it seems set in stone, so I'm going to let it be. What I am suggesting is another way for teams to earn elos on the team website. I would suggest giving the most active team every week a set amount of team elo, whether that's 50,100,200 elo. I really don't care. I think the fact we would be rewarding the most active team and trying to get lesser skilled teams to play would be the bigger picture. Right now there is no incentive for a new team to match vs an experienced team. It seldom happens. So we are stuck having 3 active teams, moloy, poison, and milk. I completely understand why a lesser skilled team doesn't want to match a more skilled team. This game takes some times to become good. Who wants to be blown out every match and lose team elo? Not many! So what we could do is reward the most active teams either on a weekly basis or monthly. I prefer weekly since not many stay active throughout a month but there is Christmas vacation, February vacations, summer vacations, and so on...

You might ask, how this is different from the seasonal ladder?

I don't recall exactly how the seasonal ladder is calculated, but I know i hate my hard work being reset every season. I am also not sure how much winning effects the season ladder.

So let's say for example the lowest ranked team is Berzerk, and they decide to match the best team Bad Company, they are likely to lose. Since they are a low ranked team they wouldn't lose much team elo. Let's say -5, if they continued to match throughout the week and remain active they could earn 100 team elo (what ever the value is) to offset their points they lost and end the week on a positive note. I think this is a great way for match diversity.

Re: Activity Elo

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:05 pm
by kierra
I would appreciate being quoted accurately:
No offense to anyone, but rewarding 200 team elo for winning Matchathon is just a cheap way to get first place position on Teams ladder...without winning regular official matches.
Elo is to determine the team that wins the most official matches - not the team that matches the most in a win/lose or draw tourney.

Re: Activity Elo

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:11 pm
by indy
Matchathon Winner = Bragging rights and the fun enjoyment of of playing a great game a lot.

No Free ELO.

Re: Activity Elo

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:18 pm
by click click boom
The formula would properly be scaled to make sure the best teams are still the best. That's easy to manipulate the numbers to make that happen. There is no solution in place to get the newer players matching and the less skilled/ inactive teams matching. This would promote that all while still keeping the winning formula in place. No where did I say the best team would be in last place for playing once a week.

How is the most active team matching free elo? they are taking their time and effort. I don't think anyone cares about bragging rights when a less skilled team wins.

My question has still not been answered. We have 3 active teams in the league and a huge diversity of skill set and nothing is being done to bring those teams active. This is a great way of them being able to become relevant on the rankings.

With OP leaving Mavericks their activity has dropped. Now shuist is active again he is a desired teammate to play with. If shuist is no longer active again Mavericks is likely to become inactive. We need to keep a team like Mavericks active whether their star player is playing or not.

Here is one simple way to implement this:

Berzerk is the most active team every week, they earn x ELO. Once they catch up to the bulk of the league in the elo standings they are no longer awarded as many activity elo points. This is just one example on how to do this. Now if Moloy is the most active team they aren't earning as many activity points. You could tier teams on how many active elo points they can earn.

Re: Activity Elo

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:20 pm
by click click boom
With only 3 active teams having Randoms vs Teams has really saved this league. Now that the league is saved we need to get less skilled teams involved. And as stated in the past we can't make good players depart their teams to train newer players on their teams.

Just saying there was huge push back when LLRR and I suggested our last idea. And it clearly has worked well. At least some sort of suggestion instead of just saying "No Free elo". I am looking at some suggestions. Not just an idea being shot down out of the sky. This is a community problem that needs a resolution. Not to be ignored.

Re: Activity Elo

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:10 am
by iObserve
I do not see much in the way of change with this in all honesty.
You live in a time of BZFlag where Apoc is the most played map, free time, free kills, no boundaries (to a point)!
To get teams active again, you near have to take away randoms playing matches for offi's. Because who wants to dedicate time to a team, when they can just hop in anyways? Why would I bother?
Star players, I agree shouldnt dictate game play. But that just goes to show much of the attitude towards competitive gameplay in BZ.
Free random matches, apoc, and urban jungle. No strings attached.
When LU started, it kind of killed the "team competition" and I dont totally agree with the way it went, but it did. I much prefer competitive team play. I miss the days of Ducati matches. When they were lined up, match after match. But that isnt the BZ of today.

So unless there is a total shift in strategy and focus, I do not see an event or even mixing up teams... or however you wanna pop your corn working.
Competitive play dies when the people who were here for it leave. If it were not for the select few oldies and die hard HIX players. HIX wouldnt be alive. No amount of shuffling will fix that dilemma if you dont return to fully competitive play. Giving free matches, and making 85% of them FM's gives no reason to want to reg to LU, much less join another website(forum) to play them...