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LoX and LoXmini

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:37 pm
by lep
Hi All,

I am putting this in this thread instead of "Map Releases", as its purpose applies to LU. If it needs to be moved, I understand.

In an attempt to stray us all away from the typical Duc-HiX loop of offis and fms, I created a map that combines the two in the hopes to add change. The map brings about a tougher-than-expected strategy as you try and debate which maps' tactics to apply where. I know some of us have had a chance to play the two a few times, and so far the matches have gone great! They are currently being hosted on Bertman's server (thank you Berty!) and I wanted to see players' thoughts and encourage everyone to try it out. I'm not entirely familiar with the process of adding a map to the map list but thought this would be a start.

Hope you can check it out and see if we can potentially add to the map list if players like it.


P.S. The mini version is scaled down to 75%, the same way BabelMini and DucatiMini are done.

ZIP file contains both maps and license information