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Help Me Out A Little Here

Post by nighthawk » Wed Jan 31, 2007 3:54 pm

hi i need help with my joystick. i cant get it to work on bzflag any suggestions would be nice. so please post a reply or pm me thanks. :(
:( :(

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Post by blast » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:11 pm

Just posted this as a response to his PM, but I'll post it here too.

If you go to Options > Input Options, you will see some settings there. I'll explain them quick.

Joystick Device - This controls which joystick device is going to be used. Set this to your joystick.

Active Input Device - When this is set to "Auto" it will allow the user to switch between their devices. However, you can probably just set it to "Joystick" to make sure if accepts input only from your joystick.

Joystick X/Y Axis - These two settings allow you to pick which axises of your joystick control the X and Y direction of your movement. X is left to right and Y is forward and backward.

You might also have to Change Key Mapping to assign the buttons for various actions.
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Post by joevano » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:12 pm

When someone who uses a joystick/gamepad and has it working and is willing to help you sees this, they will.

Now to help you out a little (but not with you question because I have no idea), you will get more responses by setting a title that says what you need. "Help me.." will be ignored by many people because it is way to vauge so they never open it. A more appropriate post title would be "Problems using joystick".

Also, I think you had two posts from last night 7 minutes apart asking for help. This is not chat, it is a forum and in a forum answers take time. Posting several times will actually get you less help because it just makes people mad. Be patient. People generally only check the forums once a day or every couple of days, it takes time to get responses. Also you need to let them know what kind of hardware you have, such as:

Joystick/Gampad model/brand
OS (Operating system)
BZFlag version

As a matter of fact few players of bzflag use a joystick/gamepad. Most play with a mouse and keyboard or just the keyboard itself (I'm not going to get into which I feel is better, it will just start a flame war :P ).

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Post by Goodbye2U » Wed Jan 31, 2007 6:23 pm

donny_baker wrote: As a matter of fact few players of bzflag use a joystick/gamepad.
I use a racing wheel at times :mrgreen: It works well too!

A few words on joystick/gamepad/racing wheels on BZFlag.

Make sure the device is connected BEFORE opening BZFlag.
Make sure BZFlag detects it(in the input section of options)
If BZ doesn't detect it, and it is plugged in, it either(1. doesn't recognise it or
(2. something is wrong with the connector.
Also, map the device with the controls you want.
I hope this helps.
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