""core dump"" error on via kn400/km400

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""core dump"" error on via kn400/km400

Post by bzflag_noob1 » Sun Jun 03, 2007 5:45 pm

Bzflag quits at random, and at the terminal it gives me some numbers ect and says "core dump"

I have tried failsafe and it still doesn't work.

I am running Kubuntu feisty fawn 7.04 and my system is

AMD duron 1.8ghz
512 RAM
64mb shared intergrated VIA kn400/km400

Here is the complete thing of what it says after it quits.

0000: 42ddb408 441fc6af 3f000000 ff1440ff
0010: 42ddb3b4 441fc679 3f000000 ff1440ff
0020: 42ddb3b4 441fc679 3f000000 ff1440ff
0030: 42ddb360 441fc643 3f000000 ff1440ff
0040: 42ddb360 441fc643 3f000000 ff1440ff
0050: 42ddb310 441fc60d 3f000000 ff1440ff
0060: 42ddb310 441fc60d 3f000000 ff1440ff
0070: 42ddb2bc 441fc5d7 3f000000 ff1440ff
0080: 42ddb2bc 441fc5d7 3f000000 ff1440ff
0090: 42ddb268 441fc5a1 3f000000 ff1440ff
00a0: 42ddb268 441fc5a1 3f000000 ff1440ff
00b0: 42ddb218 441fc56b 3f000000 ff1440ff
00c0: f210f110 00010000 00038402 43ffffff
00d0: 44000cff 10160900 11000001 12231020
00e0: 15010000 2301ff01 24050002 34010020
00f0: 35000148 36010410 37000244 38000000
0100: 39000000 3a000000 3b000000 3c000000
0110: 3d000000 3e000000 7b000000 cccccccc
0120: f210f110 00010000 7022b2ef 710110d5
0130: 40e60900 41000000 7c000000 42091000
0140: f210f110 00010000 cccccccc dddddddd
0150: f210f110 00000000 ec017400 ee010800
0160: 416e11e0 443aa0e2 3f000000 ffffffff
0170: 419fa750 443b6d7d 3f000000 ffffffff
0180: 419fa750 443b6d7d 3f000000 ffffffff
0190: 416e11e0 443aa0e2 3f000000 ffffffff
01a0: 417d1ce0 443ba9a9 3f000000 ffffffff
01b0: 419821d0 443a64b6 3f000000 ffffffff
01c0: 419821d0 443a64b6 3f000000 ffffffff
01d0: 417d1ce0 443ba9a9 3f000000 ffffffff
01e0: 4281bdb8 442cfdca 3f000000 ffffffff
01f0: 428be550 442dca65 3f000000 ffffffff
0200: 428be550 442dca65 3f000000 ffffffff
0210: 4281bdb8 442cfdca 3f000000 ffffffff
0220: 42839f18 442e0692 3f000000 ffffffff
0230: 428a03f0 442cc19e 3f000000 ffffffff
0240: 428a03f0 442cc19e 3f000000 ffffffff
0250: 42839f18 442e0692 3f000000 ffffffff
0260: 42838f38 4435ce92 3f000000 ffffffff
0270: 428db6d0 44369b2d 3f000000 ffffffff
0280: 428db6d0 44369b2d 3f000000 ffffffff
0290: 42838f38 4435ce92 3f000000 ffffffff
02a0: 42857098 4436d759 3f000000 ffffffff
02b0: 428bd570 44359266 3f000000 ffffffff
02c0: 428bd570 44359266 3f000000 ffffffff
02d0: 42857098 4436d759 3f000000 ffffffff
02e0: 42812aec 443b229b 3f000000 ffffffff
02f0: 428b5284 443bef36 3f000000 ffffffff
0300: 428b5284 443bef36 3f000000 ffffffff
0310: 42812aec 443b229b 3f000000 ffffffff
0320: 42830c4c 443c2b62 3f000000 ffffffff
0330: 42897124 443ae66e 3f000000 ffffffff
0340: 42897124 443ae66e 3f000000 ffffffff
0350: 42830c4c 443c2b62 3f000000 ffffffff
0360: 4282a150 442c2f26 3f000000 ffffffff
0370: 428cc8e8 442cfbc1 3f000000 ffffffff
0380: 428cc8e8 442cfbc1 3f000000 ffffffff
0390: 4282a150 442c2f26 3f000000 ffffffff
03a0: 428482b0 442d37ec 3f000000 ffffffff
03b0: 428ae788 442bf2fa 3f000000 ffffffff
03c0: 428ae788 442bf2fa 3f000000 ffffffff
03d0: 428482b0 442d37ec 3f000000 ffffffff
03e0: 4206fcd0 443b2919 3f000000 ffffffff
03f0: 421b4c08 443bf5b4 3f000000 ffffffff
0400: 421b4c08 443bf5b4 3f000000 ffffffff
0410: 4206fcd0 443b2919 3f000000 ffffffff
0420: 420abf90 443c31e0 3f000000 ffffffff
0430: 42178948 443aeced 3f000000 ffffffff
0440: 42178948 443aeced 3f000000 ffffffff
0450: 420abf90 443c31e0 3f000000 ffffffff
0460: 42993c48 443566cd 3f000000 ffffffff
0470: 42a363e4 44363368 3f000000 ffffffff
0480: 42a363e4 44363368 3f000000 ffffffff
0490: 42993c48 443566cd 3f000000 ffffffff
04a0: 429b1dac 44366f94 3f000000 ffffffff
04b0: 42a18284 44352aa0 3f000000 ffffffff
04c0: 42a18284 44352aa0 3f000000 ffffffff
04d0: 429b1dac 44366f94 3f000000 ffffffff
04e0: ee110b00 f210f110 00010000 cccccccc
04f0: dddddddd f210f110 00000000 ec017400
0500: ee010800 42b65fb4 4439b3ea 3f000000
0510: ffffffff 42c0874c 443a8084 3f000000
0520: ffffffff 42c0874c 443a8084 3f000000
0530: ffffffff 42b65fb4 4439b3ea 3f000000
0540: ffffffff 42b84114 443abcb0 3f000000
0550: ffffffff 42bea5ec 443977be 3f000000
0560: ffffffff 42bea5ec 443977be 3f000000
0570: ffffffff 42b84114 443abcb0 3f000000
0580: ffffffff 00000000 44322ee3 3f000000
0590: ffffffff 400bf480 44328702 3f000000
05a0: ffffffff 400bf480 44328702 3f000000
05b0: ffffffff 00000000 44322ee3 3f000000
05c0: ffffffff 00000000 4431fcf1 3f000000
05d0: ffffffff 3f9f9100 44317e3b 3f000000
05e0: ffffffff 3f9f9100 44317e3b 3f000000
05f0: ffffffff 00000000 4431fcf1 3f000000
0600: ffffffff 4213c160 44328f7f 3f000000
0610: ffffffff 42281098 44335c1a 3f000000
0620: ffffffff 42281098 44335c1a 3f000000
0630: ffffffff 4213c160 44328f7f 3f000000
0640: ffffffff 42178420 44339846 3f000000
0650: ffffffff 42244dd0 44325353 3f000000
0660: ffffffff 42244dd0 44325353 3f000000
0670: ffffffff 42178420 44339846 3f000000
0680: ffffffff 4330d5ca 4431be15 3f000000
0690: ffffffff 4335e996 44328ab0 3f000000
06a0: ffffffff 4335e996 44328ab0 3f000000
06b0: ffffffff 4330d5ca 4431be15 3f000000
06c0: ffffffff 4331c67a 4432c6dc 3f000000
06d0: ffffffff 4334f8e6 443181e9 3f000000
06e0: ffffffff 4334f8e6 443181e9 3f000000
06f0: ffffffff 4331c67a 4432c6dc 3f000000
0700: ffffffff 4288cd6c 44357624 3f000000
0710: ffffffff 4292f508 443642bf 3f000000
0720: ffffffff 4292f508 443642bf 3f000000
0730: ffffffff 4288cd6c 44357624 3f000000
0740: ffffffff 428aaecc 44367eeb 3f000000
0750: ffffffff 429113a4 443539f8 3f000000
0760: ffffffff 429113a4 443539f8 3f000000
0770: ffffffff 428aaecc 44367eeb 3f000000
0780: ffffffff 42952dc8 442cfe35 3f000000
0790: ffffffff 429f5564 442dcad0 3f000000
07a0: ffffffff 429f5564 442dcad0 3f000000
07b0: ffffffff 42952dc8 442cfe35 3f000000
07c0: ffffffff 42970f2c 442e06fc 3f000000
07d0: ffffffff 429d7404 442cc209 3f000000
07e0: ffffffff 429d7404 442cc209 3f000000
07f0: ffffffff 42970f2c 442e06fc 3f000000
0800: ffffffff 42be0ff8 443d595f 3f000000
0810: ffffffff 42c83794 443e25fa 3f000000
0820: ffffffff 42c83794 443e25fa 3f000000
0830: ffffffff 42be0ff8 443d595f 3f000000
0840: ffffffff 42bff158 443e6226 3f000000
0850: ffffffff 42c65634 443d1d33 3f000000
0860: ffffffff 42c65634 443d1d33 3f000000
0870: ffffffff 42bff158 443e6226 3f000000
0880: ffffffff 42652ec8 4422ffc9 3f000000
0890: ffffffff 42797df8 4423cc64 3f000000
08a0: ffffffff 42797df8 4423cc64 3f000000
08b0: ffffffff 42652ec8 4422ffc9 3f000000
08c0: ffffffff 4268f188 44240890 3f000000
08d0: ffffffff 4275bb38 4422c39d 3f000000
08e0: ffffffff 4275bb38 4422c39d 3f000000
08f0: ffffffff 4268f188 44240890 3f000000
0900: ffffffff 410e8960 44269b82 3f000000
0910: ffffffff 415fc640 4427681d 3f000000
0920: ffffffff 415fc640 4427681d 3f000000
0930: ffffffff 410e8960 44269b82 3f000000
0940: ffffffff 411d9460 4427a449 3f000000
0950: ffffffff 4150bb20 44265f56 3f000000
0960: ffffffff 4150bb20 44265f56 3f000000
0970: ffffffff 411d9460 4427a449 3f000000
0980: ffffffff 42104308 4434023f 3f000000
0990: ffffffff 42249238 4434ceda 3f000000
09a0: ffffffff 42249238 4434ceda 3f000000
09b0: ffffffff 42104308 4434023f 3f000000
09c0: ffffffff 421405c8 44350b06 3f000000
09d0: ffffffff 4220cf78 4433c613 3f000000
09e0: ffffffff 4220cf78 4433c613 3f000000
09f0: ffffffff 421405c8 44350b06 3f000000
0a00: ffffffff 425235b8 4434a4e6 3f000000
0a10: ffffffff 426684e8 44357181 3f000000
0a20: ffffffff 426684e8 44357181 3f000000
0a30: ffffffff 425235b8 4434a4e6 3f000000
0a40: ffffffff 4255f878 4435adad 3f000000
0a50: ffffffff 4262c228 443468ba 3f000000
0a60: ffffffff 4262c228 443468ba 3f000000
0a70: ffffffff 4255f878 4435adad 3f000000
0a80: ffffffff 4233a730 441fb2f2 3f000000
0a90: ffffffff 4247f660 44207f8e 3f000000
0aa0: ffffffff 4247f660 44207f8e 3f000000
0ab0: ffffffff 4233a730 441fb2f2 3f000000
0ac0: ffffffff 423769f0 4420bbba 3f000000
0ad0: ffffffff 424433a0 441f76c6 3f000000
0ae0: ffffffff 424433a0 441f76c6 3f000000
0af0: ffffffff 423769f0 4420bbba 3f000000
0b00: ffffffff 429bea2c 4436abc3 3f000000
0b10: ffffffff 42a611c4 4437785e 3f000000
0b20: ffffffff 42a611c4 4437785e 3f000000
0b30: ffffffff 429bea2c 4436abc3 3f000000
0b40: ffffffff 429dcb8c 4437b48a 3f000000
0b50: ffffffff 42a43064 44366f98 3f000000
0b60: ffffffff 42a43064 44366f98 3f000000
0b70: ffffffff 429dcb8c 4437b48a 3f000000
0b80: ffffffff ee110b00 f210f110 00010000
0b90: cccccccc cccccccc cccccccc cccccccc
fire_buffer: DRM_VIA_PCICMD returned -22
Aborted (core dumped)

Any ideas???


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Post by Macrosoft » Sun Jun 03, 2007 6:06 pm

nothing helpful to add, but ive had it close on me too, like when i try to join a game,
or if i leave a game,
and it always happens when i try to join a game without leaving the other first.
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Post by A Meteorite » Sun Jun 03, 2007 6:33 pm

If you join #bzflag on IRC Freenode, one of the devs might know what the core dump means. Or they might ask for a backtrace.
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Post by bzflag_noob1 » Sun Jun 03, 2007 11:33 pm

Now bzflag wont even work...... :cry:

I click up and down in the menu and it takes 5 seconds for it to respond. Then if I hit exit it takes me to my log in. Tried failsafe still did the same thing. Right before it takes me to the log in it has this text but it flashes by so fast I cant read it. :cry:

Almost any 3d game wont work anymore. Any ideas on what I can do? :cry:

Also its not overheating thats the problem (I have a fan blowing on my pc since our air conditioning is broken)

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Post by learner » Mon Jun 04, 2007 5:23 am

Try upgrading to the latest libCURL and rebuild BZFlag if you built it yourself. There were several versions of curl pushed out through apt that were very buggy.

For testing purposes, be sure to delete you config file too before starting the client so that settings are reset to defaults.

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