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Muffled and poor sound...

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:54 am
by Lan
I am using BZFlag 2.0.9 on Xubuntu 6.10. I use the ALSA drivers for my ATI IXP sound card. However, whenever I play BZFlag, the sound is muffled and is poor quality. It sounds like a poorly made FPS from 1995. All other sounds I play, however, sound great. It is only BZFlag that has the issue.

Any ideas why and how to fix it?


Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:14 am
by L4m3r
I had a similar problem and was able to fix it by compiling without SDL (I think the ./configure param is --without-sdl). Try it, YMMV.

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:55 am
by learner
Did you read the README.Linux file? Near the end of the file is something to try that might help with your sound woes.