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partial display update delay

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:46 pm
by procrastinator
I've upgraded my OS from Ubuntu Edgy to to Feisty. Suddenly I have a most bizzar issue with BZFlag, and only bzflag. All my other 3d graphic games work great, so my guess is that this upgrade made a previous bug in bzflag obvious.

Basically the display look and works great in some conditions and part of it suffers from severe update delay in other states. For Example with any of the menus are being displayed like "join game". "options", "save settings", "help", "leave game", "quit" it looks like it should. But when there is no menu, only the display at the bottom, where the radar and consol are, update properly. Everything above this updates only periodically yielding a snapshot of the game litterally several seconds apart.

Has anybody ever seen anything like this before?

Here is a screenshot: Image