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How do i get map/server on list with slow connection??

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 11:36 pm
by sv5731
Is it possible to get a map on the list server with a slow connections
(When libcurl terminates?)

:? :doh:

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:23 am
by joevano
Well if you connection is that slow, why would you want it on the list. No one could play on it...

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:25 am
by sv5731
Because, i want to see what its like> :roll:

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:29 am
by blast
That error almost always occurs when you don't set the port correctly in the configuration (make sure the port you use in -p matches what you put in the -publicaddr), or you don't have the port forwarded properly. It's a timeout message, since we can't get back to your server from the Internet.

If you just want to see what a map looks like, don't run one public. Just run it with the map on your computer, and join the local IP address.