High jitter and lag

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Black Mage
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High jitter and lag

Post by Black Mage »

I started bzflag today and to my surprise I had lag and jitter betweeen the values lag 348 jitter 56 to lag 578 and jitter 148.
I have never had problems with jitter and lag on bzflag before.
My OS is windows 7 64.bit and I'm running bzflag 32-bits but never had problems with it.
Has there been any recent changes in bzflag or windows 7 you know about? Self I have no idea what could have caused the problem.
Need more information just ask.
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Re: High jitter and lag

Post by Yrogirg »

It might be an issue of (your) Internet service provider(s).

What servers do you have lag and jitter on? Were there any changes to your home network (adding routers etc)?

Did you install torrents or other software that incentively use internet connection?

It has nothing to do with windows or bzflag.
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