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mac 10.10.1 yosemite, config file/ BZ 2.4.2 2 don't talk

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:56 am
by Frank The Tank

Please help if you can.

Trying to adjust the radar settings in the config to suit the new screen size, no joy so far.
Followed Levi's suggestion using textwrangler for when he had problems in maverick however even though I save the alterations absolutely no change to BZ 2.4.2 2 has occurred.
Alterations have occurred in the config file, it asked to be saved, save it. Open BZ, no change.
Check back in the config, yes the alteration made is correct
Altered multiple times, tried lots of different settings no change. Tried with the client closed with the client open.

Need an app that will work as the config file is not talking to BZ 2.4.2 2

Await your thoughts

[solved] mac10.10.1 yosemite, config file/BZ 2.4.2 2

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:09 am
by Frank The Tank
Problem Solved with Constitution's help.

All a matter of how to access the right folder

Close your BZ client
Use the tabs along the top of 'Finder' hit 'Go'
Scroll down and click on 'Home' this will open.
Then go back up to the tabs along from 'Finder' click 'Go' scroll down to ' Go to folder' type in 'Library' click the tab 'Go' which is now highlighted as an action immediately after Library.
Open the 'Application folder' then 'BZFlag' folder then open '2.4' this is your 'config.cfg' file.
Open this file 'open with' scroll down to 'TextWrangler' which is available from the App store for free, download this prior, it should install automatically and will appear in the second list after TextEdit (default)

Once you've opened the 'config.cfg' with 'TextWrangler' make whatever alterations you so desire.
Close and it will prompt to save, save.
Then reopen BZ icon/client, your alterations will be evident.

Have noticed one wee glitch when on GU servers, your global may go down.
Go to another GU server, spawn as your global will return.
Then you can return to which ever GU server you wish.

Thanks again to Constitution for his help in navigation.
Get the right file from the right place.