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Setup issues

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:39 am
by Soloidellan
I am looking for a flexible battle game to use for a roleplay group, and I came upon this game. Here is my feedback. The idea of the game itself is cool, if the game was actually properly made. The game is outdated, and doesn't seem super active. The game controls are pretty bad. In order to not have your hand twisted, you have to adjust the jump button, and yet its still uncomofortable. So, you have to re-adjust everything. Plus, all the jumping command does is blow you in a circle if you press jump with your mouse slightly off to the right or left. Then, the actual game is glitchy. I go backwards a ton of the time for no reason. Sometimes I randomly go forwards. I also see the game mode aspect in capture the flag really confusing, as I don't know where to go. And, if your on the ground for literally 3 seconds someone kills you. So, basically you better be experienced with this game to enjoy it, it seems like. I'm posting here because we are having trouble finding any other game that fits our requirements, so if anyone can tell me a way to resolve this issues that would be appreciated.

Re: Setup issues

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 7:57 am
by tainn
All of the issues you have described disappear with experience. At that point, they become the elementary principles upon which the game is effectively played; namely looking at the argument of a tank spinning in the air if you jump while turning.

However, it is true that the game is not exactly beginner-friendly, and that is a well-known issue that is still being thought of and debated. If any sort of concept could be done to improve this field, it would be sought after.

Do note, however, that our activity is relatively low, so we can't be all that flexible about it, especially in ideas such as splitting the playerbase even further, into more and less experienced players.

Re: Setup issues

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 1:52 pm
by blast
Yeah, our default controls are definitely a bit odd. I've got a rough idea of improving the control system/menu for a later release, with an option to reset the key mapping to "modern" or "classic" mode.

For CTF, you locate another teams' flag on the radar, grab it, and take it back to your own base. You also try to prevent your own flag from being captured. The location of your own flag(s) is indicated by a colored arrow at the top of the motion box (the larger box in the center of the screen) as well as another larger arrow either over the flag itself if it's in view, or around the left, right, and top of the screen if it's out of view. There are also audio cues for events that happen in CTF games. There's a "piiiing" sound when a teammate grabs an enemy flag, there's an alarm that goes off if an enemy grabs your team's flag.

As for the randomly going forwards/backwards, perhaps you have a joystick/gamepad plugged in and configured and that is taking over at times? You can try forcing the input type to mouse in the settings menu.