1.7g1 - any "advantage" over older clients?

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1.7g1 - any "advantage" over older clients?

Post by Defman » Tue Apr 22, 2003 3:29 am

Iron Foot is under the impression that 1.7g1 has some sort of advantage over 1.7g0 and presumably older clients.

He states that cvs-released clients should not be used for public servers (of which I may have missed that statement somewhere concerning cvs) and only on private lans.

Is there any truth to this and if so, what are the advantages?

I am in no way desiring to cause game play to be in anybodies favor and if there is some sort of advantage (mind you, in game play, I am not referring to better consoles or something unrelated to the game play itself)
I will resort back to 1.7g0 (yet again!)

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Post by JeffM » Tue Apr 22, 2003 4:15 am

Client wise, no.

There was a change that made G1 clients not pass thru pyramids above Z0, but that change was pulled because it was a disadvantage over older clients. so it works the same now.

G1 is more secure then G0 since it has a fix for some of the client crash hacks.

the G1 server does a number of anti-cheat items in it, but none of these effect the client.

G1 (* aka G2 ) is to be compatable with G0, E6, ect... So it has nothing in gameplay that older clients won't do. The next version 1.9 will have changes, but it will not be compatable with the 1.7 line, 1.9 clients will not see 1.7 servers and vice versa.

He probably got the 1.8 client out of CVS, it has lots of changes, but it's a dead codebase, and totaly imcompatable with anything.

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Post by Chestal » Tue Apr 22, 2003 10:19 am

1.7g1 got some bug fixes and new features, most of it is small stuff. New features include ability to edit text fields and more GUI options (radar size, mouse sensitivity). The latter might help you to dodge shost better when you prefer a big radar, but then peopel runnin ghigher resolutons always had an advantage in this area, so I don't see it's unfair to use it.

On the contrary, I encourage everyone to get the curent CVS code, compile it and use it to play on public sevrers because this is the best way to find bugs.

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Post by Dervish » Tue Apr 22, 2003 4:02 pm

Thank you Patlabor and Chestal. I was on-line when Iron Foot was complaining about this. I'm glad the whining was unjustified.
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