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BZFS error

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 3:43 am
by daviv
Okay so yeah i'm relatively new to BZflag...i played it a lot a long time ago, but yeah i just downloaded it on my new computer a few weeks ago. I made my own server, and it ran fine for a while, until today when i tried to start it again to play with a few guys on my LAN. It gives me this mess:

Usage: bzfs [-a <vel> <rot>] [-admsg <text>] [-advertise <group,group...>][-autoTeam] [-b] [-badwords <filename>] [-ban ip{,ip}*] [-banfile <filename>] [-c] [-cache <url prefix>] [-cacheout <filename>] [-conf <filename>] [-cr] [-d] [-density <num>] [-disableBots] [+f {good|<id>}] [-f {bad|<id>}] [-fb] [-filterCallsigns] [-filterChat] [-filterSimple] [-g] [-gndtex <texture name>] [-groupdb<group file>] [-h] [-handicap] [-helpmsg <file> <name>] [-i interface][-j][-lagdrop<num>][-lagwarn<time/ms>][-loadplugin<pluginname,commandline>][-masterBanURL<URL>][-maxidle<time/s>][-mp{<count>|[<count>][,<count>][,<count>][,<count>][
,<count>][,<count>]}][-mps<score>][-ms<shots>][-mts<score>][-noMasterBanlist][-noradar][-p <port>] [-passdb <password file>] [-passwd <password>] [-pidfile <filename>] [-poll <variable>=<value>][-printscore] [-public <server-description>] [-publicaddr <server-hostname>[:<server-port>]] [-publiclist <list-server-url>] [-q] [+r] [-rabbit [score|killer|random]] [-recbuf <Mbytes>] [-recbufonly] [-recdir <dirname>] [-replay] [-reportfile <filename>] [-reportpipe <filename>] [-requireudp] [+s <flag-count>] [-s <flag-count>] [-sa] [-sb] [-set <name> <value>] [-sl <id> <num>] [-spamtime <time>] [-spamwarn <warnAmt>] [-speedtol <tolerance>] [-srvmsg <text>] [-st <time>] [-sw <num>] [-synctime] [-synclocation] [-t] [-tftimeout <seconds>] [-time <seconds>] [-timemanual] [-tk] [-tkkr <percent>] [-ts [micros]] [-userdb <user permissions file>] [-vars <filename>] [-version][-world <filename>] [-worldsize <world size>]

(sorry if its messy...cmd.exe copy/paste)

So if someone could please help me/tell me what the heck this means, i'd appreciate it. The server used to work just fine, but i was tinkering with it earlier and only half paying attention, so i'm afraid that i messed something up accidentally. I'm gonna keep rechecking the configuration file to see if i may have overlooked the error.

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:18 am
by joevano
It means that you have some command line argument wrong (space out of place or wrong letter somewhere, something like that). Post the entire command you used to try and start BZFS along with the arguments and someone will surely be able to help.

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 2:36 pm
by Longhair
By the way, if you do post your conf file, make sure you take out your password info :) You wouldn't believe how often this happens.

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:17 pm
by The Knights Who Say Ni
if you scroll up the mesage it does tell you the error
eg bad arugument -passsword

okay heres the conf file...

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:35 pm
by daviv
thanks so much!!

# This is a BZFlag Server (bzfs) configuration file. To make the server
# use this file, use the command "bzfs -conf /path/to/this/file.conf".
# Please read through it carefully. Lines starting with a # are comments.
# to enable an option, remove the # at the beginning of a line. To
# disable that option, put the # back. There are some examples in this
# file. Make sure you change the examples if you uncomment the line. If
# you don't know what something does, you are probably okay to just leave
# it commented out. Failure to read through this file (looking for
# already uncommented lines) might be a little embarrassing. Have fun.

# Enables inertia and sets the maximum linear and angular accelerations.
# The units are somewhat arbitrary so you'll have to experiment to find
# suitable values. The values must be non-negative and higher values
# yield greater inertia.

-a 50 38

# Define a message which will be broadcast to all players every 15
# minutes.

-admsg "Noodles are not made of cheese."

# When -c is supplied, this option randomly rotates the buildings.

# Automatically assigns players to teams when they join so that teams are
# evenly matched in number of players. Players are placed on teams with
# lowest number of players first, then those with the lowest scores or
# kill ratios.


# This option allows world objects to be randomly rotated. Only applies
# if a randomly generated world is used.


# This option sets up your ban list. This is ip masks separated by
# commas.

#-ban ",10.10.2.*,10.2.*.*"

# This option tells the server where to store the banlist. The banlist will
# be loaded from this file when the server starts (if the file exists) and
# written back to the file when someone gets banned or unbanned. If this
# option isn't used the banlist will not be saved.

#-banfile mybanfile

# Specify a file that contains bad words that will be used when either
# -filterCallsigns or -filterChat is enabled.

#-badwords /conf/multilingualSwearList.txt

# Turn on the filtering of chat messages. Messages have words provided
# via a -badwords file are replaced with !@#$%^&* characters.


# Turn on the filtering of callsigns. Callsigns are compared against
# bad words provided via -badwords.


# By default, all filtering is aggressive, matching much more than what
# is strictly listed in a -badwords file for convenience. Providing this
# option will make the -filterCallsigns and -filterChat comparisons
# exact match only.


# This enables capture-the-flag style game. Default is free-for-all style
# game.


# Enables capture-the-flag style game with a balanced random map. Default is
# free-for-all style game.


# This option is for debug. You can have as many as 4 of them.

# simple debug
# and more complex debugging.

# This option controls the building density on random worlds(1-10) default is 5

#-density 5

# It is possible to restrict bots and autopilot from being used on the server.
# This is accomplished with the following.


# There are two sets of flags. Flags that must be in the world at all times
# and flags that may get generated randomly in addition. +f specifies flags that
# must be there and -f specifies flags the should not be randomly generated.

# The server will randomly generate flags from the following list. If you
# want to be sure there is at least a certain amount of a flag on the map
# at any given time, you can use the +f option to guarantee a certain
# number of a flag by repeating the option that many times. So to insure
# there are at least 4 Oscillation Overthrusters you would do the
# following, minus the # signs. Using "+f good" is the equivalent of
# doing +f for each of the good flags. You are allowed to specify more than
# one team flag in CTF games.

+f A
+f QT
+f V
+f T
+f US
+f SH
+f TH
+f N
+f ST
+f CL

# Flag IDs: Good: A - Agility, B* - Blue Team, BU - Burrow, CL - Cloaking,
# G - Genocide, G* - Green Team, GM - Guided Missile, ID - Identify,
# IB - Invisible Bullet, JP - Jumping, L - Laser, MG - Machine Gun,
# MQ - Masquerade, N - Narrow, OO - Oscillation Overthruster, PZ - Phantom
# Zone, P* - Purple Team, QT - Quick Turn, F - Rapid Fire, R* - Red Team,
# R - Ricochet, SE - Seer, SH - Shield, SW - Shockwave, ST - Stealth,
# SR - Steamroller, SB - Super Bullet, T- Tiny, TH - Thief, U - Useless,
# V - Velocity, WG - Wings
# Bad: BL - Blindness, BY - Bouncy, CB - Color Blindess, FO - Forward Only,
# JM - Jamming, LG - Lag, LT - Left Turn Only, M - Momentum, NJ - No Jumping,
# O - Obesity, RC - Reverse Controls, RO - Reverse Only, RT - Right Turn
# Only, TR - Trigger Happy, WA - Wide Angle

# If you want to restrict a certain flag, you can use the -f option.
# just like with the +f option. "-f bad" is the same as doing -f for
# all of the bad flags. You might want to turn off jump and ricochet
# flags if the server already has jump and ricochet turned on.

-f bad
-f JP
-f R
-f L
-f WG
-f GM
-f ID
-f G
-f PZ
-f MQ
-f IB
-f TH
-f SE
-f N
-f SW
-f SR
-f SB
-f F

# This option allows for flags on box buildings.


# This option allows tanks to spawn on buildings. This is especially useful
# as tank spawn locations are now are calculated on the server without the
# advantage of knowing where shots are.


# Registered player files which will be loaded on startup.
#-passdb server.pass
#-userdb server.users
#-groupdb server.groups

# server-specific variables can be modified in-game using /set varname value

-vars vars.txt

# This option causes the server to quit after serving one game. This is
# handy if you want to do a timed game, or script a rotating server.


# This option gives buildings random heights. This is used when
# you are using random maps.


# This option specifies a help file that will be displayed when the player
# types /help name. Files can be a max of 10 lines long each.

#-helpfile jump.txt jump
#-helpfile shockwave.txt shockwave

# Server will listen for and respond to "pings" (sent via broadcast) on
# the given interface. The server uses the first interface by default.
# This is the TCP/UDP/IP address the server will listen on.
# You probably don't need to use this unless your server has multiple
# interfaces and doesn't show up on the server lists.

#-i interface

# This option allows jumping.


# This option kicks players after they have been warned about high lag for
# a certain number of times.

-lagdrop 100

# This option warns the user their lag is too high when it crosses the
# number of milliseconds set.

-lagwarn 600

# This option kicks the user off after they have been idle for the
# specified number of seconds.

-maxidle 300

# This sets the max number of players. It can be done in 2 ways. A flat
# count of players, or by number of players on a given team.

# This allows up to 50 players, no team limits.

-mp 6

# This allows for max player by team.
# The order is rogue, red, green, blue, purple,observer

-mp 5,0,0,0,1,1

# This option sets the max score for players. The game ends when a person
# reaches this score and is declared the winner.

-mps 100

# This sets the maximum number of shots before a reload. The default
# is 1.

-ms 7

# This sets the max team score. The first team to reach this score is
# declared the winner and the game is ended.

#-mts 250

# Set to not use a UDP connection for players. You typically do NOT want to
# do this (UDP is good!)


# The server will listen on this port. Default port is 5154.

#-p 5154

# Sets the admin password for the server. CHANGE THIS!

-password **********************

# This specifies the number of seconds in which a poll can be vetoed.

#-poll vetoTime=60

# This specifies the percentage of people required for a successful vote.

#-poll votePercentage=50

# This is the number of voters required to hold a poll.

#-poll votesRequired=1

# This is the length of time that players have to vote.

#-poll voteTime=60

# This dumps the score to console when it changes.


# This is the public message that the server advertises on the public
# server list. This is required if you want to be shown on the list.
# It often advertises the map you are using. Keep it short.

-public "Ingersoll's BZflag training server"

# This is also needed to be listed on the public server list. The
# address needs to be valid in DNS.


# You probably don't need to use this, but it is there if you do. This
# specifies where the server advertises itself. The built-in default
# should work just fine. You need to hunt down the proper address if
# doesn't work.

#-publiclist <list-server-url>

# Tells server not to respond to "pings". This makes the server private.


# This makes most shots ricochet.


# Hunt the rabbit game is activated with this option. Use only one of these
# options.

# Choose rabbit based on score.
#-rabbit score

# Rabbit is chosen by whoever kills the rabbit.
#-rabbit killer

# Or you can choose the rabbit randomly.
#-rabbit random

# You can set up a server for replay mode by entering this option


# This option sets the recording buffer to the specified amount of megabytes.

#-recbuf 2

# This option sets the directory to look for and save recordings.

#-recdir "C:\"

# You can specify a file so that people can type /report to report problems
# on the server. The reports are logged in this file.

-reportfile report.txt

# You can also use this option to cause the /report to trigger a command
# as well as, or instead of logging to a file.

#-reportpipe command

# This requires clients to use UDP (a good thing). This will generally
# make the server behave better, and make play more smooth.


# Use +s to have the server generate a certain number of extra super flags
# and have them available at all times.

+s 40

# The server will have up to this many super flags at any time.

-s 10

# This option allows for antidote flags to be available for players who
# get bad flags.


# This allows you to limit the number of shots from a particular flag.

#-sl GM 10
-sl CL 7
-sl ST 7
-sl US 1
-sl TH 5

# This sets the amount of time in seconds that is required to pass between
# two identical messages sent.

-spamtime 10

# This sets the amount of times to warn spammers (see -spamtime) before they
# are kicked.

-spamwarn 2

# This is the server welcome message. Please change it. You can use \n
# to designate new lines.

-srvmsg "Welcome to Ingersoll's BZflag training server,\n set up by david, 383 \n"

# Bad flags are automatically dropped after this many seconds.

-st 5

# Bad flags are automatically dropped after this many wins.

#-sw 10

# This forces all clients to use the same time of day. The time is
# determined by the server's clock. This disables the + and - keys
# on the clients.


# Adds teleporters to the game.


# This option allows you to tell the server how long a team flag remains
# before it is reset after the last player on a team leaves. The default
# is 30 seconds.

#-tftimeout 60

# This sets time limit (in seconds) for the game. Time starts when first
# client connects.

#-time 3600

# This option requires a timed game to be started using the /countdown
# command to start a timed game. Default is when first player joins.


# By default if a player kills a teammate, he dies too, this option turns this
# off. Used mostly for capture the flag style games.


# Kick a player if his ratio of teammate to non-teammate kills is this
# percentage or greater.

#-tkkr 5

# This option changes the size of random maps.

#-worldsize 800

# This specifies the world filename.

# Use this format for *nix and Mac
#-world "/usr/games/bzflag/megadome.bzw"

# Use this format for Windows
-world "C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\My BZFlag Files\stonehenge.bzw"

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:38 pm
by The Knights Who Say Ni
you are using a vars.txt arent you becaus eif it didnt find that then it would say

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 9:08 pm
by daviv
hey guys thanks for your help...heres what the top of the error message says

C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.4>bzfs -conf C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.4\data\bzfs.c
C:\Program: error: could not find bzflag configuration file
bad argument "Files\BZFlag2.0.4\data\bzfs.conf"
BZFlag server (protocol 0026)
Copyright (c) 1993 - 2005 Tim Riker

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:04 pm
by joevano
daviv said:
C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.4>bzfs -conf C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.4\data\bzfs.c
C:\Program: error: could not find bzflag configuration file
bad argument "Files\BZFlag2.0.4\data\bzfs.conf"
BZFlag server (protocol 0026)
Copyright (c) 1993 - 2005 Tim Riker
needs to have quotes around the path. The space in Program Files throws it off. I should be:

bzfs -conf "C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.4\data\bzfs.conf"

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:49 pm
by daviv
wow i feel like a dumbass. hahaha thanks guys.

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 1:54 am
by joevano
daviv said:
wow i feel like a dumbass. hahaha thanks guys.
Don't we all at some point :P

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:10 am
by Winny
donny_baker wrote:daviv said:
wow i feel like a dumbass. hahaha thanks guys.
Don't we all at some point :P

don't even get me started on that I had this exact same porblem trying to get my server up

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 11:45 am
by Ice Wewe
Win Xp wrote:
donny_baker wrote:daviv said:
wow i feel like a dumbass. hahaha thanks guys.
Don't we all at some point :P

don't even get me started on that I had this exact same porblem trying to get my server up

Win Xp

We're not gonna get you started. :wink: