Gahh Laggy Game with no LAG!

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Gahh Laggy Game with no LAG!

Post by carerra » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:59 pm

OK well, lately I have been having some issues with my game. It seems to me that the game is running a bit jittery or with a delay from half a second to a whole second sometimes :roll: Well heres some things that should be known:

1.) I run around 60-70 FPS during full gameplay and around 30 for stationary normally. Now this is normal for me and what I got before my issue occured(s).
2.) My ping hasnt been high or abnormal (running at 120-170 +-2-4ms) which is good for an American on a European server.
3.) I run a gForce MX 2 and 256 mb pc2700 (mind you this is what I have always run and this is the first occurance.)
4.) I just recently got a Linksys G wireless router (my problem didnt occur for a few weeks after the application of the router.)

Now I really am not sure what could be wrong :shock: But the other day I did lose my connection strangly enough and I rebooted the router and...BING...connection is back. Could this have been the problem?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated :idea:

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