Compiling BZFlag in MS VC++ creates nonfunctional large file

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Compiling BZFlag in MS VC++ creates nonfunctional large file

Post by javawizard2539 »

I am using Microsoft Visual C++ to compile BZFLag. After a number of adjustments, I got it to compile without errors, using the Debug target. I disable libcurl because it was giving me multiple errors, and when I disable it every other project compiles OK. I then get a resulting bzflag.exe executable that is 6952KB (6MB) in size. The distribution BZFlag.exe (the one that you install from sourceforge) is only 1528KB (1MB). When I try to run this large executable, I get a message that says "The application has failed to start because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect." Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this?
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Post by JeffM »

debug builds are larger because they contain debug info.

are you using the express edition of visual C++? what version? are you running this on the same machine that you have VC++ installed on?

you need to have curl, it is required.

you can also come onto the #bzflag IRC channel on and we can do more to help you in real time.

The Visual C++ builds are simple to do once you have it configured properly.
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