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Compiling BZFlag on Windows Guide

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:26 am
by Zehra
Hello everyone. I have decided to release my guide for compiling BZFlag on Windows.

Step 1: Downloading the proper files.

First open and use your favorite web browser.
Head over to and download the current protocol version.
(At the time of this writing, it is 2.4.x)
Download the dependencies for Windows, otherwise compiling will fail and there will be a good amount of errors.
The dependencies are available at:
But compiling them will to take some time, so instead use a compiled release provided by the BZFlag project.
Link to the releases section:

Step 2: Setting up environment variables.
Open the archive from the 'dependencies' downloaded.
This is very important and one may want to have it named as "bzflag-dependencies" or something.
Open the control panel in Windows and head to "system".
(Control Panel -> System and Security -> System)
Once in 'system', there should be a button titled "Advanced system settings".
Once pressed, there should appear a menu.
A button which mentions "Environment Variables" should be there.
(The 'Environment variable' will need to be named "BZ_DEPS" for BZFlag to compile properly [by default].)
Click it and another menu will appear which will provide the required options.
Specify the path of the build dependencies.
Save settings and prepare to compile.

Step 3: Compiling the client.
Open the BZFlag archive and save it somewhere.
Head over to the "MSVC" folder/directory.
If Visual Studio is installed there is a few files which will say "Microsoft Visual Studio Solution".
"bzadmin" is bzadmin "bzflag" is the client, "bzfs" is the server, and "fullbuild" is everything. (bzflag/bzadmin/bzfs/plugins.)
Choose the option which best suits the requirements.