Getting together around Mountain View, California

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Getting together around Mountain View, California

Post by learner » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:29 pm

A few of the core bzflag devs will be heading out to Mountain View, California to talk about our experiences with this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC). If there's anyone around in that area (near San Francisco and San Jose areas), feel free to chime in if you're interested in a little get together.

It's really not clear how much time we'll have, but if there's someone out there that'd like to get together and have a drink, then the date would be either Friday the 5th of October in the *evening* or Sunday the 7th in the *early morning*. We're pretty much booked up on Saturday all day.

If you're interested AND available during either time, please comment here in the thread. If not, we'll probably be having another informal get-together next year before Siggraph (in the Los Angeles area).


p.s. More details on what all happened with GSoC to follow soon as well as some exciting news to follow. Stay tuned!

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