Hello.. question

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Hello.. question

Post by 007 » Sun May 09, 2004 4:37 pm

hi, am new to this forum, and bzflag really (played for a few months, on ducati servers mainly)

I have seen many players, but have a question:
Who are the best players, or who were the best players of all time?

Want to know so I can try to play them and copy their skills.


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Post by Saturos » Sun May 09, 2004 5:01 pm

You could go to http://stats.bzflag.org and check the Hall of Fame, but I would suggest that you won't see them on servers.

I could name a few good players who are often on gamesunited, but would that help? I don't think so, just start playing every day a bit and you will become a better player.

Or join a full server as an Observer and spectate the winner. That could be useful too, because you can really see how he is playing.

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Post by blast » Sun May 09, 2004 5:03 pm

You could check out Noodleroni's Stat Site or my version of it. Mine doesn't update near as much, so there is a lot more players on Noodleroni's.

EDIT: Darn, you beat me to it. :lol-old:
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Post by toaster » Sun May 09, 2004 8:08 pm

Just emulate everyone that kicks your fanny. You'll learn real fast. :)

by the way, these server stats are very misleading. it' s very easy to get a high strength index and score by camping one time in a high-bot-populated world, or at times of day when a lot of less skilled players are around. Seen it happen. I witnessed two of the high scores that show up on both these pages, just observed for a while. Grain of salt here.
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Post by SGI » Mon May 10, 2004 1:23 pm

There is two type of bzflag:
CTF and FFA...........
With CTF you cant have a lot points like FFA.
A good player in FFA can be destroyed/vaporized in CTF.
CTF and FFA are two different styles........

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Post by ski » Mon May 10, 2004 1:34 pm

well, I know for CTF ski is probably the best player out there. You could learn a lot from him.....

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Post by Guest » Thu May 13, 2004 4:27 am

ok heres a few (not in order):
Death Barrel
Lil dog
UK Monkee

most of these people dont play anymore but their good and i am sorry if i missed some :(

elmer fudd
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Post by elmer fudd » Thu May 13, 2004 9:33 am

:( im not ther how sad
i guess im not good(hey, im not)

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Post by Legolas » Thu May 13, 2004 2:31 pm

Very interesting...I;'m on that list. Cool, but I'm waaaayyy out of practice. Can't even get a good score in FFA. Was down to -8. :(

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Post by Noodleroni » Thu May 13, 2004 3:25 pm

lildog wrote:ok heres a few (not in order):


most of these people dont play anymore but their good and i am sorry if i missed some :(
Heh, I've been playing for about 3 years, and I never was good :-)

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strength index

Post by sid6.7 » Thu May 13, 2004 3:52 pm

i kinda think the index thingy isnt that accurate
me i kinda watch who has the greater ratio of kill to die
such as if some one has a 100 to 50 score.. then you'd be
a simple.. killing 2 poeple for everytime you die...2-1
ratio....most people fall into the 2-1 to 4-1 range so
thats the avg i have seen...some days its higher some
days its lower...and then there are BOT worlds like mentioned
above where it dont reflect whats really going on....

example...one day with 3-4 players and 10 bots
i went to 90-0 before being killed...not alot of skill
was involved as the BOTs were cannon fooder...

but a strentgh index would show something like +20
but another guy who has a score of 20-1 would have like
a strength index lower then the +20 which really
doesnt make sense...hes killed 20 people for 1 death...

go with toasters idea...get out there get shot
in 2-3 months you'll be up with and providing
good competition.

there is another partial list somewhere here besides lildogs
that reflects some of the better players in BZ most
having been playing more then 3 years...its an older group
of folks from a previous time with a few newer rookies
that have done well...but most dont play anymore
and those gents were VERY hard to beat...

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