Nice Real-Life Tank Robot (Toy and More)

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Nice Real-Life Tank Robot (Toy and More)

Post by alfa1 » Thu Aug 20, 2020 10:32 pm

I just saw, recently, a video of a nice real-life tank robot which has several interesting features. It is RoboMaster Series from DJI, the Chinnesse leader brand of commercial drones. They have S1 and EP models which seem to be oriented to child and teen people, respectively, with features of playing, programming/learning and doing tasks.

I share a paragraph from the last model which sounds promising:
"The EP shares similar chassis and Mecanum wheel designs with the S1, is compatible with multi-party hardware, supports multiple software platforms and has an open SDK. The new hardwares include high-performance servos, robotic arms, grippers, infrared depths sensors, sensor transfer, modules and power transfer modules, as well as more than 50 programmable modules. The steering gear of the RoboMaster EP can be customized through a programming interface. The EP supports more than 20 third-party sensors and open-source hardware such as Micro Bit, Arduino and Raspberry Pi."

In the other hand,... yes, it can sound a bit scary... "Dangerous Future Robots"?... Let's be wise to take the good part and drop the bad one. :)

Wikipedia: Robomaster .

YouTube - video #1 (by DJI - 2019-06-11): DJI - Meet the RoboMaster S1 .

YouTube - video #2 (by DJI - 2020-08-04): Introducing the RoboMaster EP Core .

The funny and good Castilian/Spanish video where I got to see it (you can put subtitles in English; are rather good):
YouTube - video #3 (by Luisito Comunica - 2020-08-14): Compré un robot de combate por $1,000 | ¿Vale la pena? .
("I Bought a Battle Robot by $1,000 | Is it worth it?" by Little Louis Communicates.)

By the way, it reminds me a bit of Logo educational programming language, which was made "to create a mathematical land where children could play with words and sentences":
Wikipedia: Logo (programming language) .

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