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is this a good idea or not

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CannonBallGuy wrote:
birdie wrote:if people who play allraedy quiet some time wouldnt help noobs/less skilled players, it would be lonely for some of them

i'm not saying i'm that good, but i have quiet some skill and i know the game, tactics, skills etc

i couldnt do that on my own, thats waaaay to hard(certainly on such short time)

note: thats why i want to thank: wizard, zongo and mikkel :wink: , they helped me the most with my skill and made me the person who i am now(whatever you may think about that person who i am now)

thats why if newbies ask me help, i mostly help them, give them hints, somethimes go allone with them on a server to give them hints, etc

a second note: i only help players who act nice, not the ones bitching around, and maybe thats why some people think the good skilled players dont want to help others

good skilled players and vets who dont want to help newbies are very selfish, but the ones i know arent selfish
I can think a few "vets" who wouldn't help out a n00b, but I agree there are lots that would and kudos to them! :)
again: most people only help the nice people and people who arent complaining, bitching about several things

i know who you mean, but i saw them helping several players including me when i was a noob

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birdie wrote: again: most people only help the nice people and people who arent complaining, bitching about several things
I don't complain.... much.
Anyway... What was this topic about again? :roll:
Red Baron3
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ok. i'm just gonna add my two cents here. Personaly i'm don't think i'm much of a skillful player but i have been around this game a long time. I agree with birdie and although i like teaching newbs I only teach the nice ones. For who likes to teach a newb who's got a foul mouth all the time, acusess everyone who beats him of cheating, and who is basicly a jerk.

But i really think that the thing here is that just most of all the old players just miss the good times they had. When if you tk'd you never had to say sorry to tell the person your not a tk. You hardly ever had to ban someone. and now all the old people are leaving. Not playing half as much and you almost never see them. A lot of the old people who have been around this game for like 6-8 years compare to what this game is now to what it was then and feel like everyone is a idiot, jerk, and a loud-mouthed-fool, and they just want to have server to themselves.

there, now i've shot my wad and can stop now.
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