What do you prefer? CTF, Rabbit Hunt, or FFA?

All things BZFlag - no [OT] here please

Which do you prefer

Rabnit Hunt
Anything where I can BZFrag
Total votes: 44

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Post by Doppelgamer »

i must be a minority... i like 10 shot CTF servers. under 5 gets kind of annoying because i'm a n00b and always get owned by someone who's been playing for years when i'm reloading.

a real rarity which i kind of like is being a rogue on a CTF server. it kinda wrecks it for all the other people, but it's really fun. hepcat used to have that, but doesn't anymore.
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Post by MadHatter »

CTF Rules. :D
I like the challenge :doh: of trying to help teamates, capture the enemy flag and protecting my own....all at the same time. It's rewarding organising a team and getting to the top of the Team scores.

As i've said elsewhere on this forum :idea-alt: "I think it's about time personal kill score was scrapped on CTF servers", if you want a swollen ego from a big personal score go on a FFA server & please stay off CTF servers. :evil:

I personally prefer CTF servers with minimal Super Flags (like Soraya said) they can be annoying.

There's far more to think about with CTF, and as i like the strategic element to BZFlag, it's what suits me best.
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Post by Soraya »

What's really cool about CTF servers is when you can get your team to all work together at the same time. That way you can mass together and kill off the other team right when they spawn, while sending a small group off to get the flag. Its quite rewarding when you can do that, tho it doesn't usually happen. Most of the time you're just running around anything in sight. but that's the challenge of it.
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