Map editor and tool list (basic summary)

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Map editor and tool list (basic summary)

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A basic quick overview and summary of map editors and tools.(Any mistakes are my own and corrections/updates welcomed.)

Map Editors:
Name | Operating System Support | In Active Development | Notes |
  • BZEdit | Linux | No | The basic 3D BZW editor |
  • BZWorld | Cross-Platform | No | 2D BZW editor written in Java. |
  • BZEdit32 | Windows | No | Commonly called "BZEdit". Successful reports of running in Linux with WINE exist. |
  • PyBZEdit | Cross-platform | No | Developed and written in Python, requires some dated dependencies. Supports mesh and textures. |
  • iBZEdit | macOS | No | Likely does not run any more due to macOS changes. |
  • BzfEd | Linux | No | Appears to be mainly an update of BZEdit. |
  • GtkBzedit | Cross-Platform | No | Source code and app are not available. |
  • FPEdit | Linux | No | Simple 2D editor with Perl requirement. |
  • RatBZEdit | Cross-Platform | No | Object editing and 3D rendering remained as TODO. |
  • BZWorkBench | Cross-Platform | No | 3D editor with mesh support and texture support. |
  • UnityBZWTools | Cross-Platform | No | Search forum for detailed data. |
  • WebBZEdit | Cross-Platform | Yes | Map Editor which leverages modern web technologies for cross-platform support. |
(By active development, it is considered active if any updates/releases within the past 6 months.)

Tools and Utilities:
  • Bmp2Bzw Converts .bmp files into maps.
  • BZReader Texture grabber and organizer for
  • BZFlag MapU - Box to Mesh Builds a mesh based on specifications for a box. (Some errors may be present.)
  • DI-machine Converts .obj files into pure drawInfo. (Requires PHP.)
  • applescript Material Generator AppleScript program for bzw materials generation.
  • pyconvert Converts old style (1.0) maps into textured mesh maps.
  • Anim8or to BZW Converter Tool to convert cubes in animator to .bzw boxes, pyramids or teleporters.
  • random generator Tool for helping generate random symmetric maps with the "group" object.
  • BZWTools Plug-in for viewing and editing bzw maps in Blender. (Does not work with current version of Blender.)
  • UnityBZFlagBoxExport Supports the creation and positioning of boxes in 3D view. (Nearly a map editor.)
  • ModelTool Current go to tool for converting .obj files to bzw mesh maps.
Hope someone finds this useful.

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