The Event Maps on BZFlag

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The Event Maps on BZFlag

Post by FangUp »

Hello everyone!
if there is still anyone reading this please answer to this!
I was thinking about making Event maps.
Its pretty simple lets say for Christmas it would be a map with Snow ( -set _rainType snow ) , and some textures like snowy tree and presents , gifts from santa under them!
Now lets say for Halloween it Could be some Pumpkins with Torch inside! and some ghosts and black-purple sky! and scary things! Grip Reaper!
For Easter there would be like Half a way Snow and Other half melted and nature, flowers and bunnies around!

For Christmas i would do FFA, for Halloween FFA too, but for Easter lets say CTF with 1 team on Snow side (snow, snowmans...) and other with Nature - Spring (bunnies, plants...)

Now to make this maps MORE wanted! i have a suggestion: This maps will be on only 2 weeks than removed. lets say 1 week before christmas starts and 1 week after it.
That will make them more wanted!
If you need any help i have ALOT of ideas, what can i say hehe im an Imagination kinda guy:)

Please post what you think!
Have Fun!

- FangUp
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Re: The Event Maps on BZFlag

Post by optic delusion »

This should not stop you from making your own... but

We have done this at Planet MoFo for halloween and christmas.
Pumpkin with a candle inside..bats, skeletons, crypt...
Santa, trees and presents, snowman.
Never did do an easter map.
Take a look at my Defender game mode concept.

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