BZLookup, because I can...

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BZLookup, because I can...

Post by F687/s »

Just for fun, I decided to hack up a Perl script that can look up any person's data on

I have attached the script below. Usage is

./ [callsign] [-v|-rv]

The callsign is the person you want to look up. -v (verbatim) is the munged HTML data that was used in the last step before parsing (for development). -rv (really verbatim) is the web page in its entirety.

I'm thinking about wrapping this inside a module. If anyone cares, the %stats hash includes the final stats, they are just printed out.

Let me know what you think.


-Hash elements may be missing if one of the slots is set to 0 (I ran this on a low-ranking person, and found this flaw)
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Post by AAA »

It seems hacky. Then again, Perl is a hack.
I don't know what to say if you are serious about pulling data off of (Edit) There is nothing wrong with hacks, though. At least in a non-production environment.

I have my own bot that scans the list server and compiles data on , the same way s.b.o does. If you are interested I can create an XML feed that you can use. It can supply more detailed data like the player's history and scores.
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