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Mail/Buddy List

Post by Del »

Hi, i'm not sure if this is possible but i think there should be a mail or buddy list in bzflag. I thought of this the other day when i was trying to go to a server with my friend but then we sort of lost each other. If we had a buddy list we could remember our friend's names and be able to message them. Or even know if one of our friends were online or not. Anyways just a thought feel free to post comments good or bad. Thanks for reading.

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I think there may be a long term plan to bring in some kind of global messaging system. I know l4m3r worked on something like that for his GSoC. Don't know if he ever got anywhere with it...?
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Re: Mail/Buddy List

Post by z[h]ero »

Sure, a built-in buddy list would be nice.
Del wrote:Or even know if one of our friends were online or not
As a replacement this could help you:
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Post by strayer »

Something to z[h]eros comment:
If you want to use the buddy list, you have to login with your global login before you can add buddies at The reason why you have to do this is that I don't see an advantage in storing these data in cookies.

Thx for the advertisement z[h]ero.. ;)
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Post by *Boinkage*! »

Sounds like a good idea. Perhaps you could view their server, their score, and if they're on or off.

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