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New Options

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:14 pm
by Joe B
Not specific set options, but in game options, similar to changing the range of radar.

weapon modes- changing between them is the reload time for the flag currently used
-stun: shots stop tank movement for a short time (1 to 5 seconds?)
-push: non lethal shot the push a tank for the shots duration
-default: the shots that the current version of bz flag uses
-destroy: non lethal shots that explode on impact of a wall or the ground (ineffective with lasers, sw, and sb since they can not explode), the hole is the size of the one hemisphere of the shot

firing modes
-turret: tank becomes stationary and can pivot and elevate it's gun, there is reload time between entering and exiting this mode (can possibly be adapted from the observer's vertical camera adjustment)
-default: current bzflag mode

-decoy: sets off the explosion created when a tank dies, could rely on human error or release a small EMP
-flare: fires a team colored flare, possibly a distress signal on team chat as well

these would make some flags more powerful and weaken others. Both of the first options are good for avoiding a tk. In CTF stunning would sometimes be useful instead of having the guy respawn. Pushing would be useful for pinning someone to a wall, team mates could be shot into an enemy base with laser. The destroy mode makes the mg and gm a bit more powerful, although walls, structures and the ground may need a set time to heal and close back up, or instantly heal on a flag cap.

turrets could possibly bring rise to AA gunners, new campers, and orbital weapons(in the case of wings)

push shots could be available to observers as well ex: dislodge a camper who is ruining the game

what do you think?


Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:12 am
by JeffM
as said in the FAQ post, no turrets.

if you hit someone, you should kill them ( thief is the exception because once you hit anyone you then kill them on your next shot ). Stunning, pushing, etc are all pointless if you can just kill the person you hit. Kill them, they move, same as push. Kill them they stop moving for some time, same as stun, etc..

Freeze tag is/will be a mode, probalby controlled by a plug-in where everyone does the same thing, not a personal choice.

-decoy is basically the SWDeath plug in.

the rest seem somewhat pointless and just make the game more complex and less fun.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:18 am
by joevano
Almost all of these ideas have been suggested in the past, and all have been turned down. The object of the game is to KILL tanks and sometimes capture the flag. Non-lethal weapons rejected because this is not the object of the game and they real nothing new. No elevating guns... design decision, this game is supposed to be simple. Observers are just that and have no business affecting the game.