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Flag Suggestion

Post by titanic3 »

Fireball (FB)

A limit of 2 shots. The effect of the shot is simple, once the bullet hit an object, a wall, another player, or anything else, a column of bullets spread in a circle. The bullets can kill teammates. Range is limited to half of what a normal shot would be, (So if the shot successfully disperse, you have to take a beating also)
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Post by slon02 »

http://my.bzflag.org/w/Flag_Ideas is the place to submit your ideas for flags. Just follow the directions on the page.

I would say that these would be the possible reasons for it not being approved (assuming that its not)
1. Its a mine? (mines can do the same thing, and it was denied for a flag to shoot and make a shockwave when it hits)
2. Too complex
3. Too overpowered

It would also be a little too overpowered, and mines have the same effect anyway, except that you can't shoot mines.
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