Shot Limit displayed in HUD

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Shot Limit displayed in HUD

Post by Skeeve » Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:34 pm

I just uploaded a patch to sourceforge.

This patch will recognize the "# shots left" messages from the server.

So if you pick up a shot-limited flag, your reload-status display will turn blue (instead of white) to indicate that your shots are limited.

Please note that this only happens after your first shot with that flag as the client does not know about the limitation until the server tells so.

The reload-status will also revert to white when your shots get used up. An example: If you have 3 shots left and a maximum of 5 shots on the map, you will have 2 white reload-status and 3 blue one, to indicate that you have just 3 super-shots left.

Please also note that, if you drop the flag before your shots are used up, the reload status won't turn white until your next shot.
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