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Combo Flags

Post by Ragnarok » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:08 pm

Maybe there could be special combo flags. There would have to be 3-5 different people that would get special combo flags. When they all got together in one spot, they would transform into 1 giant super-tank. It would have 1 guy driving the tank and shooting the main turret and 2 guys on a side turret. Also it could have 1 guy driving the tank and shooting the turret, 2 guys on side turrets, 1 guy being a flare launcher or a MG on top of turret, and another guy being a mine layer. The turrets would shoot L, GM, or normal bullets. It would take maybe 5 or 10 hits to die. But, the tank will be slower and bigger than a normal tank. Also, after about 5 minutes, the tanks would separate. It could be used as a megaweapon for CTF. Also, there could be maps where there would be super-tank wars.
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Re: Combo Flags

Post by joevano » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:30 am the tanks aren't Transformers (tm). This is a simple game that is hard to master. The flags are carefully thought out and balanced, anything that complicated would not fit in the game or ever be useful. You could never coordinate that many people at one time. a few questions I would have:
1. Who would be in control for those 5 or so minutes (an eternity in game time) and where is the fun for the other ones in the mega tank?
2. Would you stick around for the 5 minutes doing next to nothing?
3. What happens when someone leaves in the middle?

Ideas are a dime a dozen, really think them through and how they would fit in the game...
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