Client-side API

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Client-side API

Post by Zehra » Wed May 01, 2019 11:31 pm

In 2.99 (which was the planned 3.0), there was the option of client side scripting.
The idea was really good and it offered a lot of potential in terms of improving the game itself.
In term, I propose a similar idea, but different implementation and concept of it.

Currently the interface does not provide any options for customization, but what if this were an option?
Various events, such as on start-up or upon join would be provided within the client.
Notify windows, output and various other little features would be provided for use on any of the events.
Servers could be custom sorted by ping or by general location.
The idea is that instead of having to "modify" the client for features, we'd simply have plug-ins or mods which could be added.
Everything could be limited to some degree to prevent misuse or abuse of the client features.
A lot of planning and design is required for it to work and be implemented properly, but for now feedback on the general idea and design is most appreciated and possibly some insights on if this concept may be approved or supported by the project.

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