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In-tank Death Animation

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 5:37 pm
by tainn
Currently, the in-tank death 'jump' animation is based around the _gravity server setting. I propose changing its duration to what the _explodeTime server setting declares instead, as it is essentially the one that effects the respawn time.

It may just be personal preference, but I find it quite annoying when the _gravity server setting is changed, and the _explodeTime isn't proportionally. On default, _gravity is set to -9.8 and _explodeTime to 5. They sync together, meaning that the moment the in-tank hits the ground after death, the respawn prompt shows. In order to keep this, if _gravity is multiplied by some factor x, then _explodeTime has to be divided by same factor x. _gravity -19.6 requires _explodeTime 2.5.

However, at times, you want to achieve different gravity but not different respawn times as well. Yet you want to keep that ground landing sync. To get that, that in-tank 'jump' would really have to be based around what _explodeTime is set to, not _gravity, if that is even possible. So -9.8 should be mapped to 5, and then if the _explodeTime is changed, the in-tank specific death animation 'gravity' should be adjusted proportionally to have the respawn prompt always sync with tank falling on the ground.

Thank you for listening to my little annoyance.

Re: In-tank Death Animation

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 6:17 pm
by Zehra
Maybe simply eliminate the jump?
(Other games do not have it, but instead switch the viewing angle and offer a kill-cam, perhaps the same could be done here as well.)