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Post by JeffM »

a better one for levitation, would be one that just slows your fall. Like a parachute, where you fall at 1/2 speed.. afterburner woudl just be better named "high jump"
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Post by carerra »

Hahaha. I thought about a high jump flag but realized thats basically what wings is. High jump is pretty pointless when you have wings. It woul dbe good with a server that has minimal flags and has higher blocks that cant be jumped onto with regualr jump.
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Post by Valoche »

Levitation: if you jump, you don't stay in the air. That's the point.
But I totally agree, Afterburner is better because it's easier to understand, which is the whole point of BZflag (easy to understand).

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Post by Bishibosh »

Wide shot: The shots are slightly bigger so you can hit tanks a bit easier. But that shots are so big that they dont let you see what is in front of your tank.

Long jump: The tank jumps at half height but at double distance.

Back shot: The tank shots to his back, it can surprise enemies, but you cannot aim well because you cannot see behind you.

Inverted turret: The turret aims back but you still shoot at your front.

Shotgun: The shoot spreads a little but it hasnt got much reach.

Tank changer: Like the thief flag, but when hou hit a tank the two tanks change their positions.

Crazy shooting: The tank shoots automatically each second.
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Post by Waistless »

Death Strike(DS): Whenever a tank kills you, it kills itself and if you kill a tank, you die too.
Suicide(SU): If you get destroyed it releases a large shockwave which is greater than normal SW(might be bad if you're near teammates though)

Edit: sorry i just saw someone posted something like that before me(sniper)
Could this tank perhaps go a little bit faster, so it's not being overtaken by stationary objects.
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Post by RPG »

sniper == laser anyways.
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Post by Doppelgamer »

i was thinking of something almost exactly like death strike, except that it would only work once. if you get shot, you still die but your shooter dies as well. this would also drop the flag. there wouldn't be anything about killing others, though.
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