Jump control

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Jump control

Post by Head »

It would be interesting if you could control how high you jump... maybe you could do it based on how long the jump key is held down before being released. A short hold is a tiny jump and a long hold is the max jump.

Seems like it could add a new dimension to the (already great) game.
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Post by Dervish »

Part of the fun of playing is to dodge shots so you don't have to jump while the other guy does. This gives you a much better chance of taking him out when he lands, since the jump path is static.

A long and drawn out conversation about this took place quite a while ago. Part of the strategy revolves around having a predictable jump path from the angle and speed at which a tank leaves the surface below.

Wings really messed this up, and as you can see from our conversations in the General area, Wings was probably never intended to be so badly abused by server owners (setting high numbers for jump count and including the flag in normal play).
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