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Post by eagle »

it sounds like a nice idea :) i like it
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Post by L4m3r »

I personally think it would be better to do team selection after you join the server. Think about it- you'd start as an observer, and it'd give you a list of teams with open slots (no more of the frustrating "This team is full" message) or just assign you to a team if there's -autoTeam or if only one team is available (e.g. a rabbit game, or if all but one team are full).

For actual observer, perhaps you could "quit to observer" or just not pick a team.
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Post by huw »

Bumping again :lol-old:

Is this is 2.0.5?

It would be quite nice for it to be enabled by default unless it is manually turned off otherwise server admins won't check for new config options
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Post by JeffM »

no it is not. you will see it in the release notes if it was.

do not bump this for every version. It is not a trivial feature and would require the protocoll to change. If it was in any version it would not be released till 2.2.0. And I know of noone working on it. so just chill and read the release notes on the versions as they come out.
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