Idiot's admin keys + all other server command keys niftified

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Idiot's admin keys + all other server command keys niftified

Post by michaelh20 » Wed May 21, 2003 12:48 am

windows exe
sf patch

by pressing o, the player can enter any number (in fact all of the
current) /type commands, such as lagstats, etc by using the
arrow keys. In addition when the user types in the password for
the server they get access to the admin commands.

If a server does not respond with "You are now an admin!" just
like that, the client will not allow the user to use thes admin
commands. My modification uses this phrase to detect that the
client should open up the admin commands. It's a bit surprising
that it works as well as it does. The commands themselves are
simply sent as for example "/lagstats" or "/kick" etc, so the
client has no more power than ever before and not necc. every
command in the client is going to work on the server. It does
however make it easier for newbie server admins.

For ban and kick commands in particular up and down arrow
keys select the kind of kick or ban and left and right choose
which player to apply it to. Ban also allows you to type in a time
to apply that ban for. Notice there is a simple "ban:" and "kick"
prompt which allows you type in whatever you want for the entire

Commands that allow you type stuff in will show you the : and _
characters. You don't necc. have to type anything in these
cases, but you can.

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Post by orchid » Wed May 21, 2003 1:26 am

thank you thank you thank you, I got it to work, so much easier now, all server commands can be called up effortlessly.

bzdevelopers are the best! (havent i always said that?)

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